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By Checkfront
3 out of 5 stars
Real-time booking management system for activity, tour & hospitality businesses - accept bookings on your own website.
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September 2014
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Checkfront is a cloud-based online booking management system. This secure back-office application provides a central place for you to manage your business, process reservations and track customers. They offer several turn- key add-ons that allow you to offer self-service bookings from your website. Checkfront is for schedule-based businesses that sell activities, tours, accommodations, events, rentals, and more. It is ideal for services that operate in daily, nightly or hourly allotments; and is best suited for operations with a recurring inventory of services vs. one-off events.

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Checkfront + Xero

The Xero add-on automatically adds invoices, payments, and customers to your Xero account. When a new booking is created, Checkfront creates an invoice and contact in Xero with the information supplied at the time of booking. When a payment is applied in Checkfront, a payment is applied to the invoice in Xero. If a booking is amended, changed or a refund is applied, the invoice is updated in Xero. This means all of your transactions and outstanding accounts payable are synced in both in Checkfront and Xero.

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Steve Weeks
Posted 20 May 2015
Q1: Who supports the Add-On - is it Xero or Checkfront? Q2: Elias, in your point 3, I'm confused - I have set up different account codes for each item. Adding new type=revenue codes in the "Chart of Accounts". Is that different from the problem you have? Thanks!
Elias Bizannes
Posted 2 Jan 2015
3 out of 5 stars
Overall, it's great but it does have some limitations which impact accrual based businesses with more complicated accounting setups. 1) When an invoice is changed in Checkfront that already has a part payment or full payment allocated in Xero, the sync doesn't work. 2) Checkfront uses the date the invoice was created which then becomes the date the invoice is created in Xero which distorts revenue if using accruals based and requires manual work to use the desired date on the invoice to correctly recognise revenue (such as when the service is provided, not booked). 3) The payment sync only works for one account, not multiple. Ideally, multiple payment accounts can be identified so that the payment comes from them (ie, multiple bank accounts as opposed to just one right now). Due to this limitation, this feature has to be turned off for us and is arguably one of the main reasons why this integration is so valuable. Update: Point (3) relates to the payment accounts, not the revenue accounts. When the sunc happens, it's syncing the invoice to a revenue chart of account and a payments chart of account (ie, like a bank account). The issue is when you have multiple bank accounts.
Brittany H
Posted 13 Aug 2014
This page is just for the review of Checkfront. If you have any questions either get in touch with Checkfront, or Xero, Support, or post your question in the Using Xero Add-ons topic ( If you can, make sure you add your rating too - I'm sure Checkfront, and other users would appreciate it :)

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By Checkfront
Added in 2014


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