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Ledgersync Bank Fetching

By Ledgersync Bank Fetching
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Seamlessly auto fetch client Bank Statements and/or Check Images from thousands of banks and push into Xero.
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December 2021
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Ledgersync takes the hassle out of calling clients for bank statements and check images. With Ledgersync's cloud software you can sync your client's bank statements and check images directly into Xero. Ledgersync deals with all the Multi Factor issues and offers the most stable bank connections on the market today. The process is simple once you connect to Ledgersync:

  1. Add a client to Ledgersync
  2. Invite client to Ledgersync if you don't have read only access
  3. Either you or client adds the bank connection to Ledgersync.
  4. View the statements or check images in Ledgersync or push the files into Xero's Document Storage and view the files there.

Although bank connections may disconnect, Ledgersync has an entire eco-system built around supporting continuous stable bank connections. For example, Ledgersync's coveted SMS feature allows you to text client's that have a broken bank connections due to Multi Factor. Simple send the client an Text message and they can fix the bank connection on their phone.

Ledgersync Bank Fetching
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Ledgersync Bank Fetching + Xero

Once you connect to Ledgersync you can sync up your client's bank statements and check images to Xero. How?

  1. Connect clients to Ledgersync
  2. Go to the "Client Management" Tab and click on the Xero icon
  3. Link your client to correct organization Done!

All files will be synched nightly to that organization's Xero document storage folder.

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