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Sara Treacy

No Consistancy

Hubdoc is a bit of a disaster, No consistency in capturing VAT /TAX rates at all so you have to check every invoice pushed to Xero to make sure it has captured the tax rate correctly. For the same supplier one invoice went in exempt, one at 21% vat and one at 23% Vat. They were identical invoices . Very time consuming.
Janne Nash

Waste of time

Initially I liked the idea that invoices would be fetched and flow into Xero automatically. Sadly this was not the case. Firstly there are only 3 suppliers that are relevant to us, and the invoices sometimes feed through to Xero but mostly not. I had a continual error message, that I need to fix one of my accounts, which I do and then the message comes through again. I am very disappointed with this app and don't use it. Total waste of time..
Fraser Malcolm


Given 1 * as there wasn't a 'no stars' option. We are just a small company - it might work better in a large organisation I suppose but for us this App is utter garbage. Just adds an additional more complicated step to the process. He have tried to get it to fetch bills from our service providers - it does work on some but fails totally with others - like Vodafone. I have tried Xero support for help that's as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Also uploading receipts - miles easier to scan them straight in to Xero using the Xero mobile app. Hudoc is complicated and inconsistent - this app is a waste of code.
John Collins
I do not as a rule post reviews of anything. This software however proves an exception. Its makes entering invoices more time-consuming than doing it manually simple as that so what is the point. I can only assume that the people that gave it five stars and use words like workflow are employees of the software developers. It iis not fit for purpose and I will not be using it . If the people that audit my accounts insist on invoices being uploaded perhaps I will move to QuickBooks so xero please take note and fix this rubbish if you want to keep your existing up till now satisfied clients. Edit, I just tried to contact hubdoc support from the link above and get the error message 403 forbidden this from a software company says all you need to know.
Mariete Dos Santos
Why Hubdoc has accounted for GST on all receipts piblished to Xero when my organization is not registered for GST and is set up so on Xero???? Will I have to correct each transaction manually??? How to set up Hubdoc for non gst registered organization????
Nigel Kunning
There just doesn't seem like there is any consistency with it. I have had it recognise things I can barely read on the screen, alternatively I scanned in around 30 of the same manufacturers invoices... good quality scans and I have had to go through them all manually. You would expect some kind of learning as you manually enter things up. As for linking accounts.... if the account has 2FA you're screwed!
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