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Unleashed Software

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4.6 out of 5 stars
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Weng Yart Leong
5 out of 5 stars

Very Personalised and Professional Help From The Team

I had the slow loading and icon issue since a bout a year ago. As soon as the team of Natanya contacted me, they have help me to solve it at a very timely, professional and personalised manner. Highly capable and professional team. Appreciated.
Brendon Grosse
3 out of 5 stars

Built for Unleashed - Not for other Apps (Xero)

We have been live with Unleashed + Xero since Nov 2020. Unleashed is a great product. Its just that it is not really built with the Xero integration in mind. For example, the one thing most of us want to achieve when procuring an Inventory Management System, is forcasting. This feature is discussed at length in Unleashed and many great functions built in to the application to support this. However, it is all a waste of time, at least when synced with Xero. As Importers, we need to add all the freight, duty and other costs, in order to achieve an accurate cost of goods sold. (this feature is fantastic BTW) and thus the PO cannot be reciepted until the goods have landed and all cost invoices recieved. The problem? When you finally receipt the goods in, Unleashed posts to the SOH Account (In Xero) back historically to the date the item was originally ordered. What happens then is very difficult to clean up as you look back in Xero this can mean a previous quarter, which you had management accounts for, suddenly has significantly more SOH, than when you last looked. Unleashed's Workaround? Change the date of the PO to today's date, before you receipt the PO, and it will post into this period SOH in Xero. Problem? This means the the whole order process lead time from PO to Reciepted, now appears to take 1 day according to Unleashed. And hence, Forcasting is all a waste of time. This is just one example.
Timothy Jewitt
4 out of 5 stars

Good but has some niggling issues

Pros - Great User interface that is truly intuitive - Helpful and eager staff - Really good to design documents (invoices etc.) so you can apply custom designed documents to specific customers. This has saved countless hours of work on drafting specialist export documents. - Pricing for customers (fixed or discount %, by product or product group or customer level) is super easy to use and helpful. Gives a good degree of flexibility. - Easy to bulk upload your data. - Easy to export data into spreadsheets to then apply pivot tables to for analysis Cons - Pricing rose for us 16% in the last 12 months and they want to charge more for a "customer success plan". This has made our business case for moving to somewhat redundant. - Xero integration is useful but we had to stop the stock reporting from Unleashed to Xero. Unleashed sends messages to adjust the Xero P&L when an item is sold, this makes it so that your purchases in the xero P&L only show up when you sold that item (or assembled items). As a business we prefer to see our purchases go through the P&L when we incur them, not when we sell an item. There is no option to do this and i felt that Unleashed documents and staff weren't great at explaining this. We are now doing all purchasing through Xero as a result. - We are a manufacturer. We part deliver orders due to stock issues. There is no accurate way to see the full order book for KPI reporting (including the balance of orders part delivered). I have found a work around where we take "Total Orders Received" since we started the system and then subtract "Total Orders Invoiced. We've been tracking this metric for tens of years and it is helpful to gauge the health of the business and economy when compared to economic indicators. - Some of the reports can be a bit fiddly and you need to make sure you select the right criteria, but when you learn about them they do work well.
Danielle Chamoun
4 out of 5 stars

Very Good Software

I have been using Unleashed for 4 years now and have no issues with it, my business is wholesale import and distribution. Their support staff have been very helpful.
Gregg Witherington
1 out of 5 stars

Truly Awful - AVOID!

Firstly, we have used this type of software before - Trade Gecko and implemented this without issue. We chose unleashed as it offered what we thought was a good service, this is not the case. They force you to pay for "onboarding" service. This was tragically poor and did not help us with our issues at all, in fact we have now had to cancel our subscription after only a month as it completely ruined all our stock levels and caused a huge issue with Amazon. The cost of this privilege was over £1,000. When I asked about a refund for on-boarding, as they didn't actually on-board us this was refused. I would avoid at all costs.
Michelle Pluim
5 out of 5 stars

Really good support

The support I have received from Natanya with onboarding, and the team via help centre has been quick and helpful. Unleashed has a couple of limitations for us but we have got it working pretty well with the support of Unleashed and I have been so impressed with the service so far. Thanks!
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