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Josh Williams
We have been using ServiceM8 for 6 months and it has proven a valuable tool for our business for tracking jobs. With frequent updates and being a very stable App with integration into Xero, I highly recommend it.
Lisa Morgan
We have been using ServiceM8 now for about 8 months and we are extremely happy with the enhancements it has made to our business processes. We have come from manually creating invoices to now a seamless and fully automated integration between ServiceM8 and Xero. The help/support from ServiceM8 is also extremely responsive, knowledgeable and helpful.
Andrew Pitcher
Fantastic app/ integration supporting a small (4 person) trades business where we are not all situated in the same building. We have used it for 6 + months and are now assessing the asset management QR code sticker options to implement routine maintenance . Customers love the pre-alert nktifications by email / text. We love the signature at end of job , tracking , file management , scheduling ease and generally intuitive s/w We would like to see the job number field in SM8 job card transfer automatically to the reference field in xero invoice as this would minimise confusion
Beyers Herbst
I've been using ServiceM8 for 7 months now and can honestly say it has made my life easier. What I like most is the way it integrates with my accounting package Xero with no hassles whatsoever. Invoicing is a breeze from my iPad even when I'm out on the road. Clients pay faster because they get their invoice in their inbox as soon as the job is done and it's still fresh in their minds. Can really recommend ServiceM8.
Robert Phillips
I started my new electrical business about 8 months ago and was recommended by a friend to use Service M8 along with Xero. Using the 2 services together has helped my business grow with ease, saving all my clients details, quotes and invoices and once the job is complete it's so easy to send the invoice over to Xero, which will automatically match from Service M8 jobs. It's made everything on the accounting side of my business so simple. I highly recommend it to anyone thinking of starting a business or someone who just wants to streamline the way they do things.
Louis de Kock
We converted to ServiceM8 about 8 months ago from previously using a manual paper based system for our IT support services, which was cumbersome, time consuming and very inefficient, some of our clients waited up to a month to get invoiced for services rendered as paperwork stacked up. With ServiceM8 we can complete our jobs without any physical paperwork, push out all jobs to Xero accounting and have multiple people check that our billing is correct in the process, meaning our clients get billed on the same day that work is completed and we no longer waste time capturing work completed. This is just one of the benefits, others include being able to see how efficient our technicians are, getting feedback from clients after work is completed, being able to track where our technicians are at any time and all the integrations and add-ons available. Thank you for a great product.
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