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Cassie Holten

Would be lost without it

ServiceM8 has everything we need in one place and it’s very user friendly so even our most technologically challenged employees can use it easily.
Billy Breen
ServiceM8 is a great system to use helps with organization, scheduling and looking more professional the clients love it. The help service is great as well, always there to help when stuck with something
shane brincat


Has helped my business schedule jobs and future bookings. Invoicing has been made more efficient and jobs are not overlooked or missed. The reminder functions have been a great help, they have made it easier to plan up coming jobs when focus is elsewhere. On site jobs have been made easier to deal with, clients can now sign off after job has been completed and invoiced once signed off.
Daniel Enticott

ServiceM8 revolutionizes field service business in South Africa

Before using ServiceM8 we ran our service division on paper and with a clunky backend. After a couple of years of looking at options and products, we took the plunge and invested in IPads and ServiceM8. Paid for itself within 3 months. The teams are more productive, billing doesnt slip through the cracks and there is complete accountability and traceability. If you have teams on the road then empower them with ServiceM8!
Reuben Tarran

No Android App

As this product doesn't have a Android App I straight out wont even consider using it. Not going down the browser on mobile path either. Shame they have limited their customer base. Don't even think about asking me to use an apple device. Not going to try. Pity, looked reasonable in the video.

Response from ServiceM8

Hey Reuben, that’s right, there’s no Android app, because for us it’s 100% about making the best solution for our customers. It’s fine to support both Apple and Android to run a basic app, but ServiceM8 is not basic — ours is a real mobile business solution, designed for constant, dependable use in the field, all day, every day. ServiceM8 just wouldn’t be as powerful if we made the compromises to support both Apple and Android. So we’re different, and prioritise making the best solution we can for our customers, who have or are willing to invest in quality Apple mobile devices for their mobile business. You can see the kind of return on this investment in this review forum. Apple is the best for business — it has the best phones/tablets, operating system, support and security to run a field-based business. So, we optimise for Apple devices and their operating system, getting everything out of it for our customers, to make the best job, staff & client management solution. To us, it just makes sense that when you design an app for businesses which work mobile, you design the most powerful mobile solution you can. This is how we do that. But, if you love Android and flat out won’t even consider investing in Apple devices for your business, then we’re simply not for you, and that’s OK. All the best, Michael ServiceM8 Team
Daniel Tomlinson


ServiceM8 is a very intuitive system to use and integrating it with Xero saves so much time and hassle. Admin is a thing of the past for my business which leaves me to concentrate on winning more business.
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