ServiceM8 integrates seamlessly with Xero, allowing you to manage any field service business from a client’s first call through to job completion, invoicing and payment.

    ServiceM8 is a smart job management app which empowers trades & service business owners to run a better business & improve their lifestyle.

    It’s cloud-based software for trade contractors & service businesses like plumbers, electricians, locksmiths & cleaners — any kind of business that manages jobs & staff in the field, ranging in size from sole operators up to 20 staff.

    ServiceM8 streamlines the front-end job management, from a client’s first call through to scheduling, customer communication, quoting, job documentation, invoicing & payment. From there, it integrates with Xero to form an end-to-end field service package.

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    ServiceM8 + Xero

    Together, ServiceM8 and Xero form an end-to-end solution for trades & service businesses — each item of work is captured once, and guided through a best-practice workflow of communication, job management & accounting. Information syncs between ServiceM8 and Xero to streamline workflows, avoid double entry & reduce administration. Features include:

    • Invoices approved in ServiceM8 are raised in Xero for automatic reconciliation.
    • Clients and items sync between ServiceM8 & Xero, with changes in one account updating the other.
    • Payments received against an invoice in ServiceM8 sync to Xero, and payments received in Xero sync back to ServiceM8.
    • Tax rates and income account codes are imported automatically from Xero.

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    Tim Hamilton

    ServiceM8/Xero intergration

    We find that using ServiceM8 is fantastic, our customers are really wrapped when they get that little booking confirmation or the fact we let them know "we are on the way" with an automated email, some have even been watching our progress and are really excited to mention "Yes, I was watching your progress in maps" The Xero integration is great too, finish the work, log off in ServiceM8 & send the invoice then all your preset reminders/follow up's, etc from your Xero account jump into action. Thankyou ServiceM8, you have made our life just that little bit easier, keep up the good work
    Max Taberer

    Great Job Management Software

    Servicem8 has the capability for everything my electrical business needs, highly recommended. The support team are extremely helpful also.
    Crown Carpet Cleaning ,

    good but some basic issues

    It could be so good it just needs some basic attention to detail, I like the automation, however its either on or off, you cannot individualise clients, I have regular commercial customers I may send out a load of invoices to weekly who don't need to be getting chased for reviews by email and text off each one so this is now a feature I have to switch off, frustrating. It doesn't have a percentage discount built into the invoice template so i have to manually work it out and create a code for it myself in order to get it on the invoice, it also doesn't show the date the job was done on the invoice? so you have to manually add this in! it tends to bug out on the invoice due date, and you have to keep going in and out of the invoice to the client and update it wasting more time you. Over all i have found it very frustrating. They are quick to respond however most problems they don't have an answer for.

    Response from ServiceM8

    Hey Crown Carpet Cleaning! Michael from ServiceM8 here — thanks for sharing your experience, and sorry to hear you’ve found getting started frustrating. I just wanted to respond with some comments and suggestions which might help: * Using Automation to request customer feedback: if the Customer Feedback automation doesn’t suit, you could use the Badge Follow-up automation instead i.e. this is a more customisable type of automation which only fires when the custom badge is activated in the job card. So, you could activate this badge on your one-off job templates, but not your recurring job templates. You can use the {feedback} merge field in your message templates, which will convert to a job-specific feedback URL. Please search ‘Badge automation’ in the Help Centre if you’re interested in this option. * Percentage discount: yep, sorry there’s no percentage discount built-in — it would be handy, but it would also mean adding more buttons (and complicating ServiceM8) for something that is used only infrequently, and we strive for simple, efficient design. Happily though, there is a third-party add-on called ‘ServiceGuru Discounts’ which has this functionality — you can check it out in Settings > ServiceM8 Add-ons. * Job completed date on invoice: many standard invoice templates automatically insert the date the job was updated to Completed, but if you wanted a specific line on your invoice, you could edit your template to emphasize this with text like “Job completed on …” and use the Completion date (ensuring you Complete and invoice the job on the same day). There are also a few other date-based merge fields which might work (see here: If you’re interested in this, please contact ServiceM8 Support and we can help with minor template edits like this. * Invoice due date: I can’t be certain what’s happening for you here but I’ll clarify that invoice due dates are based from the date the job is updated to Completed (not the date the invoice is generated), so the recommended workflow is to first update the job to Completed, then generate the invoice, and your due dates displaying on invoices should reflect your set payment terms. I hope this helps. Cheers, Michael ServiceM8 Team
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