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Fraser Malcolm


Given 1 * as there wasn't a 'no stars' option. We are just a small company - it might work better in a large organisation I suppose but for us this App is utter garbage. Just adds an additional more complicated step to the process. He have tried to get it to fetch bills from our service providers - it does work on some but fails totally with others - like Vodafone. I have tried Xero support for help that's as much use as a chocolate fireguard. Also uploading receipts - miles easier to scan them straight in to Xero using the Xero mobile app. Hudoc is complicated and inconsistent - this app is a waste of code.
John Collins
I do not as a rule post reviews of anything. This software however proves an exception. Its makes entering invoices more time-consuming than doing it manually simple as that so what is the point. I can only assume that the people that gave it five stars and use words like workflow are employees of the software developers. It iis not fit for purpose and I will not be using it . If the people that audit my accounts insist on invoices being uploaded perhaps I will move to QuickBooks so xero please take note and fix this rubbish if you want to keep your existing up till now satisfied clients. Edit, I just tried to contact hubdoc support from the link above and get the error message 403 forbidden this from a software company says all you need to know.
Mariete Dos Santos
Why Hubdoc has accounted for GST on all receipts piblished to Xero when my organization is not registered for GST and is set up so on Xero???? Will I have to correct each transaction manually??? How to set up Hubdoc for non gst registered organization????
Nigel Kunning
There just doesn't seem like there is any consistency with it. I have had it recognise things I can barely read on the screen, alternatively I scanned in around 30 of the same manufacturers invoices... good quality scans and I have had to go through them all manually. You would expect some kind of learning as you manually enter things up. As for linking accounts.... if the account has 2FA you're screwed!
Nicola Brennan
Like others who have posted on this thread, I am absolutely fuming at Xero for pushing out such an underdeveloped feature expecting its users to beta test it for them, for free. I only have half a dozen automated accounts connected to Hubdoc, but out of those six only two are working!! I'm only a small business and I am pulling my hair out over Hubdoc. It is possibly THE worst feature I have ever experienced from ANY software provider - that includes Microsoft! This week I have received a notification from Hubdoc to say that it cannot log into my Xero account, so that my monthly invoice from Xero themselves can be retrieved!! If they cannot get the login experience correct for their own website, how on earth are we meant to have the confidence in them that they will ever fix the issues with logging into external websites? Since Hubdoc launched I spend more time on my accounts than previously. I've had an open ticket with Xero Support since April, due to the technical issues I have with logging into accounts, mainly because Hubdoc doesn't work well with accounts where 2FA is turned on. In this day and age, where we are all advised to have an additional layer of security on our online accounts, I find it incredulous that Hubdoc/Xero cannot work with these parameters. For those who are having a good experience with Hubdoc, I would love to know your secret! Is it enough for me to consider leaving Xero? Absolutely it is. If this is the way that they treat their customers. They obviously believe that our time is not as valuable as theirs, given that they are using us as Beta Testers! Apologies for the rant.
Graham Hyman
This post will probably be deleted but all Xero/Hubdoc engineers need to do is use the Quickbooks Online receipt capture via app and email forwards Then they would know how WE need Hubdoc to work. As so many have said, at the moment it is worse than useless
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