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Jamey Weston
@Michael Wow no kidding! I noticed how many happened on Aug 10th, as if that was a day that workers, family or friends were instructed to write a 5 star review. I'd really like to use Xero payroll, but some of the limitations are concerning. However, after reading reviews of Gusto/ZP (elsewhere of course!), I certainly can't see taking the risk to have the taxes and filings lost, sent late, or messed up. I can't believe I couldn't come here to see what Xero users are saying and trust the reviews, as those August reviews are hard to believe as genuine. In fact, many of those Aug reviews are by users where that was the only activity, and while that might not indicate anything on its own, I am finding it all fishy.
Jill Gilliland
Gusto is great, Xero is great, but, they do not make tracking specific employee or employees department easy. If you want to do that, it is manual. Totally rediculous for two high tech solutions.
Michael Durrant
I came here to see if there was a better payroll than what's included in Xero but this appears to be a service more than an add on. Not sure if that's what we want especially after reading some of the reviews above relating mistakes by Gusto but it does sound appealing. For the price I think it would be worth getting rid of a lot of the headache. One concern is that while reading through here there is a series of one star reviews and then suddenly, all in August 2016 there are about 45 five star reviews. That's out of 65 total.
Danielle Kerr
Gusto and Xero have made running my business a breeze. Super user friendly, well thought out products. Also, any time I have a question, I get a quick response from real people that are genuinely interested in helping me succeed.
Kelsey Barber
I really enjoy using both Gusto and Xero, and the seamless reconciliation with Gusto through Xero is so simple and great! Normally I run direct deposit for my employees, but occasionally when I write checks it's just as simple, even with reconciling. Highly recommended! Whenever I hear someone say they are looking for a new payroll provider, or are starting a new business I always recommend these two programs.
Michele Hay
I have had a great experience with Gusto. Their customer support is always responsive. I've had no complaints from my clients using Gusto through the Partner program!!!!
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