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Joanna Prosser

Key reporting

Futrli has become one of our main reporting tools. It integrates seamlessly with Xero and is easy to navigate around. Reports can be viewed directly in Futrli by the client or can be send a pdf.
Paul Lodder
Futrli is amazing and plays an integral part with the services that we are providing our clients. The reporting within Futrli means that we can really help our clients understand their numbers and help them achieve their goals. Implementing Futrli across our whole client base has created additional opportunities, helped us win new work and ultimately has allowed us to work closer with our clients. We are now having more regular meetings with clients to discuss the numbers and are now looking forward to introducing predict to our clients that will become so important in 2021 and beyond. If you haven't yet had chance to look at Futrli then I strongly recommend you do. Once you are hooked you will never look back. The team at Futrli are incredible and are always on hand to support us on our journey which is so important when introducing new technology to both the Sagars team and our clients.
Duncan Lloyd
Futrli has become a key part of our service to clients, and enables us to provide powerful reports in a consistent way, with minimal intervention. No more formatting excel reports for us! It takes some investment on time on our team members' parts to understand it fully, but it's time well spent as it delivers on that investment many times over. Clients love the output too.
Katie Cook
Futrli is an amazing reporting software that delivers clear, precise and fun information to clients. I have loved using the software to prepare client data and the support team at Futrli are superb!
Matt Jones
As Futrli Certified Partners, we’ve been using the software to support clients and have delivered life-changing reports for them, particularly over recent months to assist government Coronavirus loan applications with successful outcomes.
Sharon Brown
Futrli is an amazingly versatile Xero add on that transforms reporting so you can focus on reviewing and reacting to the results rather than compiling the figures. The charts and graphs really bring the figures to life and you can quickly see patterns and trends that help ensure you make the right decisions for your business. The 3 way forecasting is fantastic to let you see what the future could look like. It's so flexible and easy to create, you save hours, days, weeks faffing around with spreadsheets, and because its connected to Xero its always up to date. There's so much you can do with Futrli, the support team are great, always respond promptly, weekly webinars mean we're always picking up new tips to do even more with Futrli and our account manager is always happy to jump on a call and offer support. I love that our account manager knows the product inside out too.
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