Predict is the only next-gen prediction software that automatically generates live financial predictions by combining due invoices/bills with your historical profit and loss and balance sheet, to give a complete and accurate picture of your short and long term cash flow and performance.

    Predict is not traditional forecasting - painful, manual, a once a year activity or only created for a funding event. It is also not just cash flow forecasting as your business is more than just cash (think sales and costs trends (excluding sales tax of course) - you want to know these so you can act fast and pivot if necessary in these uncertain times.

    Predict is next-gen financial prediction software for every aspect of your business.

    It’s also for every small business owner, irrespective of whether you are confident with the financial side of the business or not.

    Predict automatically generates your full business forecast as soon as you connect your Xero account. You can adjust or add more predictions to every account line and every number that Predict generates can be easily understood by hovering over it to reveal the calculations behind.

    Crucially, it's easy to understand as every number is explained. Updating twice daily, it’s the next generation, and essential prediction software for your business.

    NB: As well as looking at trends, seasonality and growth patterns, Predict will also detect Covid impact where it can. With its customisable predictions and VAT/ GST deferment options you can ensure that any tax deferment, and Covid-19 Loan repayments can be entered accurately to ensure you are clear about 2021 cash flow well ahead of time.

    Predict is the only software that:

    • Gives full transparency over predictions and how they have been calculated, as every predicted number is explained.
    • Combines actual invoices and bills with P&L, Balance sheet predictions for short term accuracy and longer term forecasts.
    • Recognises cash, invoice, journals, prepayments and handles them correctly to identify trends you may not be aware of.
    • Calculates and presents both operational activity and their cash flow impact to ensure every aspect of your future business is predicted.
    • Accruals and cash based VAT/GST is calculated daily combining actual and predicted data so you’ll always know if you can afford your next payment.
    • Toggle on and off predictions for decision making and scenario planning.
    • Create your own predictions with multiple methods as you’ll always know things that Predict can’t know. New office? Fewer staff?....
    • 3-way predictions with future Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statements generated automatically so you can see how future decisions will impact profit, not just the bank account.
    • Balance sheet predictions - so loan repayments, tax obligations and fixed assets aren’t forgotten about.
    • Live updating twice daily.
    • Simple to get started - no financial knowledge required.
    • Investment ready 3-way forecasts.

    Simply connect Xero and we do the rest.

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    Futrli + Xero

    Futrli Predict connects seamlessly with Xero. Use your Xero login to make it speedier. Your data is pulled into Predict twice a day to ensure you are always in control.

    It’s free to get started with 7 days to see how your future business flexes and moves, as Predict updates and changes with today’s business activity.

    Predict needs no training nor financial expertise, although we recommend that you use Predict as your Sat Nav in between meetings with your accountant or advisor, when you can both use Predict to set targets, test decisions before they are made with different scenarios, take action if there are problems ahead, and plan your successful future.

    There is a dedicated online customer support team and live chat as well as community support in Peer, Futrli’s community.

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    Daniel Coleman

    The Forecasting Lead

    Great software, 3 way forecasting is a must - Futrli, Predict and now with IwocaPay - a must have for our clients Special mention of Sam, who has been great all the way through our journey!
    Joanna Prosser

    Key reporting

    Futrli has become one of our main reporting tools. It integrates seamlessly with Xero and is easy to navigate around. Reports can be viewed directly in Futrli by the client or can be send a pdf.
    Paul Lodder
    Futrli is amazing and plays an integral part with the services that we are providing our clients. The reporting within Futrli means that we can really help our clients understand their numbers and help them achieve their goals. Implementing Futrli across our whole client base has created additional opportunities, helped us win new work and ultimately has allowed us to work closer with our clients. We are now having more regular meetings with clients to discuss the numbers and are now looking forward to introducing predict to our clients that will become so important in 2021 and beyond. If you haven't yet had chance to look at Futrli then I strongly recommend you do. Once you are hooked you will never look back. The team at Futrli are incredible and are always on hand to support us on our journey which is so important when introducing new technology to both the Sagars team and our clients.
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