Beautiful reporting starts here. Powerfully simple financial analysis, management reporting, dashboards and consolidations.

    Reports and insights to help businesses thrive.

    Fathom provides engaging management reports for businesses and their advisors. Track the metrics that matter, and get deeper insights so you can make better business decisions. It’s powerfully simple financial intelligence.

    Are you an accountant, looking to scale your advisory services? Fathom is ideal for leading advisory teams, automating workflows and providing unprecedented efficiency. Find out more:

    Analysis: Metrics and insights for informed decision making
    Reporting: Craft captivating, insightful and customized reports in double- quick time
    Consolidations: Easily create consolidated reports for multiple Xero organizations
    Benchmarking: Visually compare and rank your companies, clients or franchisees

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    Fathom + Xero

    Fathom seamlessly integrates with Xero, transforming your financial data into beautiful reports and timely business insights. These insights help to track profit, cash flow, growth and other key performance indicators (KPIs). You can use Fathom’s powerful divisional analysis to measure and monitor your Xero tracking categories. And for multi-entity groups, Fathom provides effortless consolidation and comparisons.

    Fathom + Xero HQ

    The integration of Xero HQ and Fathom provides advisors with a beautifully streamlined reporting workflow. Reports designed in Fathom can be scheduled for the end of each reporting period. And once the reports are published, links automatically appear in the Xero HQ activity feed.

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    Grant Greeff

    Move To Financial Clarity

    I recommend Fathom to all my clients because of the following core benefits: 1. Amazing support 2. Customisable reporting with helpful layouts 3. Benchmarking across multiple companies for industry insights 4. Continuous innovation of features to help us move clients to financial clarity in their businesses
    Michael Riley

    Excellent Product and Support

    I have had a great working relationship with Fathom for some time now. I have been grateful for their excellent support and the opportunity to been invited into the early certification. The simple truth is that Fathom is a fantastic product with equally fantastic support. It can provide a blank canvas to create custom reports and the supplied report provide a great starting point as well. Fathom reports should be created for every client.
    Brett Goggin


    Fathom has always provided the best visuals of past financial performance and position. With the introduction of Forecasting, Fathom has catapulted into the realm of forward planning. For a business decision maker like myself, this is now the complete tool for linking the past with the future. I'm excited at what this team will deliver next.
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