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Mike Sansom

Poor customer service

This was never user friendly and worked out really expensive. Then I found Dext, which is far better. When I wanted to cancel my subscription, they never replied to my emails, messages or phone calls. Took my money automatically and I couldn’t get it back. I then found out how to stop payments going through, but they never refunded me the subscription.
Harvey White

EzzyBills is awesome

EzzyBills is awesome and far better than any other similar product I have used. It saves so much time processing multi-line invoices, learns from past entries, makes rounding adjustments and virtually instantaneously pulls through to Xero so you can process invoices immediately. The support team are also super responsive and helpful. It is excellent value for money. I cannot recommend EzzyBills highly enough.
Graham Deck

The Best thing about Xero is Ezzybills

I have been using Ezzybills for over 4 years and I cant imagine working without it. I love the flexibility that the program offers. We use it for 7 businesses and each has somewhat different requirements and Ezzybills allows us to quickly customise the service for each business and to easily and quickly change the setup when required. Things like the approval process or importing all line items or as one item. I often use Ezzybill to search for an invoice rather than using Xero, particularly when searching in different businesses. Michael and Li provide AMAZING support and have assisted me with a workaround for Buildertrend that saves me many hours a month. The price is very cheap for such a quality product. Most of the time I only use a fraction of the possible functionality and still find it is an absolute bargain. If you are not using Ezzybills, do yourself a favour and use the free trial I suspect you will be very pleased with the amount of time, money and effort that Ezzybills will save you. Ezzybills works very well with Xero.
Barry Steinberg
Excellent product, works very well in extracting key info from invoices for accounts payable. Saves valuable time and helps with accuracy.
Ting Lam
Love Ezzybills. Straight forward and very easy to use. It makes my life much more easier.
Jerome Roustan
Use it, Love it. We have used EZB for a few year now to help us with our data entry. It is very effective at what it does, it is also very cost effective and support is amazing.
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