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Joanne Smith

Great App

Elise was so helpful in the onboarding process. The app is simple to use and has created great efficiencies in our practice. The accuracy and detail in the extraction of data is excellent.
Sally Stone

Fast to use!

I've found Ezzybills pretty easy to setup and faster to use. Elise from support is very quick on support assistance as well!
Lisa Naera

Definitely Ezzy!

Really loving this app. I have a few businesses running with several cards and accounts, so it did take me a little bit to figure it out, but if you had a less complex business, it would be a complete no-brainer to set up and use. I really like it. It makes things really simple and if you run into a question, the team is responsive. I recommend this.

Excellent smart tech

fabulous piece of software that simplifies and is intuitive enough to save literally hundreds of hours of time !!!
Manuel Siegrist

Drastically improved processing speed

So far, our experience with EzzyBills has been terrific. It is very easy to set up and customise and has helped our companies to get a better overview of the invoices. Elise from EzzyBills has been very helpful and speedy in getting back to us.
Aron Savicky

Very impressed!

Overall, I am very impressed with EzzyBills. The accuracy of the data being exported from EzzyBills into my Xero is very high. I really like that they have management approval functionality as well. If I ever have a question, their support team is really helpful!
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