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Niki Merrett

Absolutely terrible, does NOT integrate with Xero

This app will overwrite your Xero data, will be glitchy as anything, and "customer support" will do nothing to fix. Seriously don't waste your time and money.
Bonnie Lam

Don't bother

Honestly the worst software I have ever used, super glitchy and on top of that actually the worst customer service ever. No one knows what they are doing, constantly being passed on to the next human. Had to talk to 6 people to get 1 small problem solved. Don't waste your money!
Matthew Lovett
Terrible customer service. They also have a minimum spend that’s not made clear at all. So regardless of how many users you have they’ll charge you a minimum fee monthly. Refuse to listen to the fact this isn’t clear. Don’t care about customers at all. Tried asking them questions about their GDPR compliance and my emails were ignored constantly, until I chased multiple team members. Update: Deputy took the time in the end to follow up with me over the phone to explain the cause of delays with emails. I appreciate the fact they took the time to do this, many companies wouldn’t bother. Whilst I’m still frustrated in the initial delays and minimum spend, I wanted to update the review to mention that they are following up when customers are unhappy.
Steve Bealing
The latest price increase on 1 July has increased the cost of Deputy for me by over 30%. If I stuck with Deputy, I would be spending four times as much on Deputy as I do with Xero! Crazy. I like the app, but not that much. We are looking elsewhere.
Mike Wheatley
The worst saas I have ever come across. I have wasted so much time trying to get the integration with Xero to work, but it doesn't work at all. Totally useless and well overpriced!
Peter Roberts
Deputy is amazing Xero is terrible - Sync never works constantly breaks data doesn't pull through correctly everything is a work around I work in the tech industry and I struggle to make it work so the average user has no chance. Support takes too long to respond to questions at Xero's side. If there was a better solution in the UK I would use it but there isn't.
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