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Edward Taylor

We have been using DEAR for 6 years

It used to cost $600 per year, then $900, then $1,200 if we paid in advance, next year that want to charge over $6000!! for no extra services it feels like price gouging. Down time s also unacceptable and without daily sales consolidation DEAR kills XERO. Any questions please look me up.
john lee
I've been using Dear and Xero for several months after languishing in Quickbooks Enterprise for years. There are a lot of positives that wouldn't make me change back. First, Dear is an extremely useful, powerful, and convenient software to use for all my invoicing, inventory, and sales. The B2B portal is a major plus, as is the ability to change bulk prices, inventory, etc. I love the custom price levels, custom discounts for customers and products too. Xero integration has been a huge benefit too. Since Xero handles all my accounting and syncs with all my bank accounts and credit cards. Now there are some learning curves and I think it takes some trial and error to eliminate some of the pitfalls of using 2 different software. The main issue I've run into is that payments do not sync well when you have to make changes in Xero or Dear and you get duplicate payments. Ideally all this would be under one software, but similar solutions will cost a LOT more. I am very pleased with Dear and Xero and believe it will only get better with proper feedback and development. I am still learning how to clean things up to prevent sync issues, but the benefits far outweigh any costs.
Marina Holmes
The software looks really good, we seriously considered implementation. Whilst discussing final details, we realised they are only interested in the subscription $ and not in ensuring their users get the best outcome from their investment, with very little flexibility on management overseeing multiple subscriptions.

Response from DEAR Inventory

Hi @Marina Holmes, Thank you for your feedback. We checked the CRM history and it showed that your director was not willing to pay for access to all 3 accounts which was a showstopper for you since DEAR does not offer concurrent user license like Xero. Our billing is transparent and is publicly available on our website. At no time do we try hide our named user billing structure. We have special logging/audit tracking for every single named user in DEAR which utilizes a lot of shared resources hence the reason why we charge for it. Best Regards DEAR Team
Tom Lloyd
This is a great plug-in for Xero, Compared to other ERP solutions (including the awful purple one whose name will never repeated) Dear / Xero is great. Our staff love the new system. Dear onboarding was a breeze and the support has been excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product and will take this opportunity to personally thank Cale for guiding us through the process.Thank-you Cale (& also the whole team behind you)
Accounts Calibre Craft Beer
We have just started with DEAR linked with XERO, and i wish we had started this program years ago when we actually started the business!. We have had a few teething problems, but nothing that Cale has not been able to help us with - he has gone above and beyond to assist us in our journey. I am certain once our skill level has increased, there will be no stopping us. Recommend DEAR to all.
Dean Hughes
DEAR has been a valuable addition to my business. I wish i had set DEAR up at the start of my business. It's been incredibly helpful particularly with the WooCommerce/Xero integration and of course tracking of inventory. Finally, the support team are magnificent and always help with my enquiries in a polite and timely manner.
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