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Rosalind Song

Overall a very nice software

ApprovalMax makes approval process easier than before. There can be improvements around Approver's able to change descriptions when they edit an invoice in ApprovalMax.
Jordan Taylor

Very Good Product

All in all our experience using Approval Max has been a good one. It has eased the process of invoice authorisation quite considerably and in turn allowed speed of the whole process to improve. Ease of use for end user is really good. The only thing it doesn't do for us at the moment is allow various sign offs at the same level. If an invoice is rejected by one person the whole invoice tends to move back to draft even though there could be another person or two who have already authorised their elements meaning they have to do it again which isn't ideal
Melanie Parnell

Easy to Use perfect for multi site

We recently took on a contract which meant we would be managing business units based over multiple sites Approvalmax was the perfect solution to managing quick and easy approval of invoices by managers in different locations and for those working from home still. Easy to use, simple to learn and affordable it has made life easier for our accounts people and managers
Samir Latif
Simple, effective and very affordable
Trevor Schoenmaekers

Tracking Categories - complete the business intergration

Our client wanted an approval system across a number of business units that we are reporting on using tracking categories in Xero. This allows us to identify each invoice by business unit and managers only see the invoices they need to approve. Great audit trail, easy to set up, use and learn.
Sharon Daishe

Easy to use, good audit trail

We transitioned to ApprovalMax at the beginning of COVID, when staff commenced working from home. We had no time to plan and prepare – and found that ApprovalMax is intuitive and easy to use. ApprovalMax has transformed our financial governance and decreased paperwork. The audit trail is visible for a transaction at a glance and this assists with due diligence when approving payment batches.
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