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IRS approved 1099 eFile provider, with optional state reporting, TIN verification and print and email copies to the recipients. Secure, easy to use, online, no minimum fee and accountant friendly. Single sign-on with Xero. Integrates with Xero 1099 report.


Businesses of all sizes can use easy to use, full service 1099 filing solutions to save time and stay compliant with 1099 reporting requirements. We support vendor TIN verification, full state filing, corrections, mailing address verification, email delivery.

We have tiered pricing for high volume filers. For small businesses, forms beyond 30 are FREE for eFiling. For bookkeepers and accountants, tiering works across all clients and forms beyond 1000 are FREE for eFiling.

1099SmartFile + Xero

1099SmartFile integration with Xero saves time and avoids costly data entry errors by automatically pulling the vendors and 1099 filing data from Xero's 1099 report.

Accountants can manage 1099 filings for all their clients by connecting clients to their respective Xero organizations. Each client keeps a persistent connection to their Xero organization. No need to disconnect and reconnect to another Xero organization to file for multiple clients.

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Gina Gutianjo
Posted 29 May 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Quick & Easy

-Very responsive to queries. -easy to complete the 1099-NEC form -easy to submit the correction
Chris Knapp
Posted 18 Apr 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Easy and fast but thorough

As a first time user, I was pleased at the ease and speed while still being accurate with the import and thorough with the data checks.
Jonathan Lyne
Posted 17 Apr 2023
5 out of 5 stars
Very quick and low cost for me as a first-time filer of 1099 form

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