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Virtual Finance Director

Effortless reporting, analysis and forecasting, enabling accountants to improve the future financial performance of clients within their portfolio.

The Virtual Finance Director is the only application you’ll ever need to improve the future financial performance of businesses within your portfolio. Our solution has been designed and developed by accountants for accountants, ensuring that we always have the core values of the accountancy practice at the forefront of our product development.

We have challenged ourselves to create a complete turnkey solution that automatically analyses the performance of any business that it connects to, constantly monitoring performance with alerts to highlight any opportunities or risks the business faces. There is no need for any technical knowledge and you retain complete control of output to your clients.

There is also no need for any maintenance, and you can be set up and running in a matter of seconds with a complete support infrastructure ensuring you can drive maximum benefit.

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Virtual Finance Director + Xero

Utilising transactional level detail, the Virtual Finance Director automates the complete process of data extraction, interpretation and analysis, opportunity/risk identification and resolution to deliver profit growth.

Setup takes a matter of seconds and the Virtual Finance Director is constantly connected to the source data. As soon as the data is synced, you will start to benefit from automated reporting, insightful analysis, intuitive business intelligence dashboards, KPI alerts and a lot more.

Our white label reporting and dashboard output means you can start to provide your clients with considerably more value than is offered by conventional management accounts.

virtual finance director
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