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By Xero
3 out of 5 stars
Build employee schedules faster with factors like availability, wage costs, compliance and vacation in mind using Planday from Xero. Accurately track time and keep control of costs using Planday, and sync your employee and payroll data using Xero Payroll.
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October 2019
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Planday is part of the Xero family after announcing the acquisition by Xero in March 2021. Build employee schedules faster, ensure your payroll is more accurate and more efficient using smart time-tracking, and communicate with your staff instantly using Xero and Planday.

1. All the features you’re looking for. With greater visibility of your staff rota, you can let staff swap, drop and pick-up shifts on the go. Set up rules to comply with local labour laws, ensure pay rates and guarantee shifts with the right skills. Seamlessly sync with Xero payroll so you stay on top of costs.

2. Save time and money. Whether you’re an accountant trying to save time and stay compliant when running payroll, or your business is looking to improve your bottom line, Planday reduces time spent on admin, mistakes in factors like time tracking and payroll and cuts time spent chasing the right information.

3. Support every step of the way. With dedicated local support in a range of languages, a library of tips, tricks and helpful videos, Planday is your partner in making new software solutions seamless for your clients, your staff and your business.

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Planday + Xero

Take the guesswork out of your staff schedules with Planday from Xero. Build rotas fast, with staff availability, skills, wage costs and compliance in mind, and use instant communication, time tracking and a comprehensive overview to react in real time. Using Xero Payroll with Planday can take your reporting to the next level and easily sync hours worked, breaks, absence and overtime, so your pay run is done in a few clicks and you have an accurate and compliant overview of your costs.

What users say

“The Planday/Xero connection reduces hours and hours of payroll time. This reduces space for human error and manual work spent inputting data. There is a full employee overview available prior to syncing to confirm records, and then it feeds into your selected pay run, ready for processing.”

  • Charles Wells, People Coordinator – Pasta Evangelists

“We came from a system that tried to do it all, but pretty badly. Planday & Xero’s integration was a big factor in making sure we had right systems for the job.”

  • Kevin Edwards, Managing Director – Meddyg Care

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Sebastian Beard
Posted 19 Jan 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Less than useless. 1 star is too many.

If you have money and time to waste, and are looking for new problems on the daily, this is the roster management app for you! Every week that I (try to) run payroll there is a new suprise for me in a setting that has reset itself, a new bug, a new issue that Planday has synced into Xero. This week I had staff's rates of pay over-ridden so I'm overpaying them, and the timesheet approval function for the week in question is unavailable, every week. The fun part is that the previous and current week are always available. I've been using Planday for 3 months now and not a single persisting issue has been resolved. I keep getting told that the issue is "being looked into". Great! Problem is, nothing works and I'm told every week - Sorry, you'll have to do this payroll manually. I didn't pay for that?
5 people found this review helpful.
Glen Kerr
Posted 8 Jan 2024
1 out of 5 stars

Lacks Simple Timesheet Function

I can see the potential of this app with it's integration with Xero, but a simple 'add timesheet' option would make it worth while. The chat support just send links to their support docs.
2 people found this review helpful.

Response from Planday

Dear Glen, thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it and are sorry to hear Planday doesn't fit your needs at this time. Based on your conversation with our support team, we have submitted a feature request on your behalf to be able to create offline timesheets. For any questions or further feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at
Emma Stewart
Posted 21 May 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Great customer support!

We've found this to be very useful to our business for rostering and time tracking. The Planday team were really helpful and prompt in getting back to my questions.
One person found this review helpful.

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