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Shopify integration by Xero

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By Xero
This integration connects your Shopify store to your Xero account - for easier management of your ecommerce business finances.

Connect your Xero and Shopify accounts to reduce manual admin and make managing your ecommerce finances easier than ever.

This integration syncs your Shopify sales transactions to Xero automatically for easy payment reconciliation. With your sales data automatically updated in Xero, you get an accurate view of cash flow and business performance wherever you are.

Choose your automatic sync settings to suit your Shopify settings and align with your business needs.

Benefits of connecting Xero and Shopify

  • Automate finance admin - daily Shopify sales orders for each of your payment gateways are summarised and automatically sent to Xero for easy reconciliation

  • Faster, more accurate data - reduce manual data entry and get visibility over Shopify payments and PayPal transaction fees

  • Easily track cashflow in one place - Xero’s cash flow and insights tools help you get a complete picture of business performance for more informed decisions.

To use this integration, you will need a Shopify account and a Xero account.

To connect your Xero and Shopify accounts there’s a monthly fee of £10 (excluding VAT), in addition to your monthly Xero subscription fee. This will be charged immediately when you connect your Xero and Shopify accounts and then monthly thereafter.

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Shopify integration by Xero
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Shopify integration by Xero + Xero

When you integrate Shopify with Xero, the time taken to manually move data between your business apps is significantly reduced. Automatically syncing a summary of your daily sales orders and payments to Xero, the integration also helps you reconcile your actual payouts to give you visibility over fees, and other costs or discounts.

What the Xero and Shopify integration does:

  • Syncs your Shopify sales transactions to Xero automatically
  • Allows you to control which of your payment gateways invoices are generated for to suit your needs
  • Creates a daily summary invoice per payment gateway, without having to enter data manually
  • Clearly breaks down invoices into sales/discounts/shipping/refunds/gift cards/fees for Shopify payments or PayPal payments
  • Gives you the option to have these invoices paid into a clearing account, while you’re awaiting payment from Shopify payments or PayPal
  • Allows you to add bank account details for reconciliation of Shopify payments and PayPal

What the Xero and Shopify integration doesn’t do:

The Xero and Shopify integration doesn’t cover: inventory, COGS, split sales, import customer details, or individual Shopify orders. Instead, a simplified view of daily sales is imported as a summarized invoice. For more specialised apps that solve these problems, we recommend checking out the Xero app store.

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Gary Sawyer

Definitely do not install

I recently required a better integration with Xero and my Shopify store because I registered for GST and needed an app to better handle different items, some requiring GST and others not requiring GST. From the description this app appeared like it may be able to help me out, so I installed it, and had to pay $22 up front to even get started. About 30minutes in to installing and setting up the app, I realised that it was not going to suit my needs. I uninstalled the integration without using it, and so naturally asked for a refund of my $22. Xero dodged the refund over a number of emails, saying it was not a problem with their software, even though this integration is by Xero themselves. So whilst it is not a problem with their accounting software, it is a problem with the integration itself, made by them. If you want to do some basic integration with your Shopify this might be a solution for you, but you can spend the same $$/month on a third party integration which will give you a lot more functionality, and if you find the app isn't for you you will have no luck getting your money back for an app you didn't use. (After 4 emails back and forth they said they would give me 5 days credit on my Xero as a gesture of goodwill.. it probably is the equivalent of $5 and does not cover the time spent setting up an inferior integration, emailing back and forth etc). I should have trusted the other bad reviews I read and not given this app a second thought - as I got burned I thought I should at least warn others off using this app as a solution for their Xero integration.

Response from Shopify integration by Xero

Hi Gary, We’re sorry to hear about your experience but we really appreciate the feedback and would like to put this right for you. For context, we provide information on how tax works with this integration on Xero Central, and there’s a warning about the immediate charge on the app listing, but we understand this may have been missed and that you attempted to cancel immediately. As a loyal Xero customer, we want to refund you in full in good faith - we’ll contact you by email with all the details. We are working hard to make sure our integration works beautifully for our customers and partners so feedback like this really helps. We’ve passed this on to our Product team and will also review our terms and conditions and support pages to make sure things are clear - if there’s anything you think will help, please let us know when we email you. Many thanks for your continued support - all the best for 2022 :) Cheers, Xero App Store Team
Saman Fernando

Need support here

I gave 2 stars fro just data pull. This integration is terrible. Dont understand how the data is pulled. Sales all over the place. If someone can help to clear the mess please???

Response from Shopify integration by Xero

Hi Saman, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. We'd really like to help you understand how the data is pulled, and any issues that may have arisen. Can you please raise a case with us via Xero Central (https://central.xero.com/s/contact-support)? Thanks!
Jonathan Leung


At first, it looked simple to use. Then the problems started. You can only import 90 days of previous transactions, not much use if you've been going for more than 3 months. Secondly, even though it says it imports daily transactions, it seems to import weekly, starting from mid-week. Then the actual sales figure was wrong, I don't understand how it got to the numbers, but they don't match the transactions on Shopify. Had to spend half an hour voiding invoices. What a nightmare.

Response from Shopify integration by Xero

Hi Jonathan, thanks for taking the time to leave your feedback. We'd love to give you a hand with this. Are you able to contact our support team on https://central.xero.com/s/contact-support? As soon as you raise a ticket, we can look into this for you. Thanks!
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