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By Telleroo
4.99 out of 5 stars
Quickly and easily bulk pay suppliers and payroll in GBP or convert & send payments in USD, EUR, AUD, CAD and more, without needing to manually enter payee data. Save time and reduce errors using our bank details scanning feature, built-in approvals flow and alerts on new and updated payee details.
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Telleroo is used by businesses and accounting firms that want to cut out errors, save time and de-risk payroll and supplier payments.

Telleroo syncs both bill payments and payroll directly from Xero with no file imports or exports required.

We also sync with Employment Hero, SafeHR (formerly CitrusHR), ExpenseIn, Staffology and FreshPay or you can import a file from payroll software like Sage 50, Brightpay, Iris, Moneysoft and more!

Bulk supplier and employee payments are a breeze with Telleroo. You can prepare and approve pay runs easily, and then fund a ring-fenced e-money account in your business name from which all payments will be sent. It's more secure than giving business bank access to 3rd parties and far less hassle than dealing with bank mandates, bulk payment services and file uploads. When a pay run is ready, simply fund the account and payees are paid immediately or when the scheduled date arrives.

Telleroo has a two-way sync with Xero. Finance teams can collaborate using the same data. Invoices to the same supplier can be grouped into one payment. Automation cuts out many of the manual processes that cause issues, greatly reducing errors and helping prevent fraud. Distinct user roles and email automation allow for a robust approvals process. The single payment feature is ideal for paying HMRC or one-off supplier invoices. Reconcile a whole bach in Xero in just one click. All payee data and history is fully searchable in Telleroo.

Whether you're paying in USD, EUR, AUD or CAD (and more!), international payments in Telleroo couldn't be easier! Just sync from Xero, then convert and send payments in one batch. You can even reconcile foreign currency payments in Xero without having to adjust the exchange rate.

All payments are sent via the Faster Payments Service and can be processed 24/7, even on bank holidays.

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Telleroo + Xero

Paying Xero Bills and Xero Payroll is seamless using Telleroo. You can submit both directly from Xero and take advantage of the advanced controls and approval features that Telleroo offers.

  • Send and schedule pay runs from Xero to Telleroo at the click of a button
  • Robust approval flows and email reminders
  • Internal review stage for accountants and bookkeepers for extra control before sending pay runs for client approval
  • Group invoices to the same supplier into one payment
  • One-click Xero reconciliation
  • Stop the CEO bottleneck, give your team permission to create, review and approve payments, without giving them Xero access
  • Add multiple layers of approval to pay runs for additional security and peace of mind
  • Cancelled bill payments in Telleroo are automatically moved back to awaiting payment in Xero
  • Sync foreign currency payments from Xero, convert and send within Telleroo and reconcile in Xero without having to adjust the exchange rate
  • Automated payee checks include: Invalid supplier bank details, duplicate payments, confirmation of payee and flags on new and updated payee details
  • Pull sort code and account number or international bank details directly from invoices in Xero to de-risk payments to new suppliers
  • Deep links let you jump from Telleroo to Xero quickly

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Natalie Stokes
Posted 24 Jul 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great service

This is a game changer for making payments, don't need access to my clients bank account to use it. Very responsive on the support too.
James Fox
Posted 24 Jul 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Game Changer

This has been a game changer for us and our clients, saves so much time in manually processing purchase invoices and payroll, customer service is excellent as well.
Steph Jones
Posted 24 Jul 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Telleroo is Amazing

We've been using Telleroo for just under a year with several clients. It's made life so much easier for us and our clients. Clients love that this is saving them time and don't have to worry if their bills are paid on time because we are managing this for them. They just make one payment at the end of the month into Telleroo and all their bills and payroll are payed from Telleroo. It's so easy for us to set up and schedule payments in Telleroo because of the efficient integration with Xero. Customer service is excellent. The team respond within minutes and my queries are always resolved. Thanks guys for such am amazing product.

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