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Pay runs without the pain. Bulk payments without the bank. Faster payments without the fees. More secure payments without the stress. Telleroo de-risks the whole area of bulk payments for Business Owners, FDs and accounting professionals.

Telleroo is used by organisations that want to cut out errors, save time and de-risk their payroll and supplier payments.

Think of Telleroo as a payments hub, with two main parts...

You can prepare pay runs easily, then fund a ringfenced e-money account when you need to process them. It's more secure than giving business bank access to 3rd parties and far less hassle than dealing with bank mandates, bulk payment services and file uploads. When a pay run is ready, simply fund the account and payees are paid immediately.

Telleroo has a two-way sync with Xero and connects with other payment apps. Finance teams can collaborate using the same data. Automation cuts out many of the manual processes that cause issues, greatly reducing errors and helping prevent fraud. Distinct user roles and email automation allow for a smooth approvals process. Reconciliation is straightforward either by batch total or line-by-line. All payee data and history is fully searchable in Telleroo.

Use the calculator on our website to explore costs and find out how much time Telleroo could save you.

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Telleroo + Xero

Paying Xero supplier invoices is seamless using Telleroo. You can submit a pay run directly from Xero and take advantage of the advanced controls and approval features that Telleroo offers.

  • Submit pay run from Xero to Telleroo at the click of a button
  • Automated payee checks include: Invalid supplier bank details, duplicate payments, changed details and new payees. Payments in these categories will be moved back to “Awaiting Payment” automatically, meaning you never lose work.
  • Any updates to a pay run in Telleroo will be immediately reflected in Xero, allowing last-minute changes to be made
  • Deeplinks let you jump from Telleroo to Xero quickly
  • Stay in control of your Telleroo bank feed (one line per batch vs one line per payment)

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Rob Fiford

Game changer

Great software and support team, Camelia and Andrew always there to help. Clients blown away with the integration with Xero. Thanks again, Rob
William Blower

Telleroo & Xero (Brilliant!!)

I use Telleroo on behalf on my clients, to manage payments on their behalf. The process couldn't be simpler, and is intertwined so well with Xero. Most of the legwork is completed in Dext/Xero as usual with bookkeeping, and then you can create the payment direct in Xero as the only added work. You can then login to Telleroo, and approve the payment for processing and it is then done! Super simple, super quick, and the best support team when something does need assistance.
Gemma Wombwell
We started using Telleroo a couple of months ago and not sure how we ever coped without it! We now make supplier payments and payroll payments through it. It is brilliant and has created an automated platform for us where we can see all payment runs for our clients in one place. It is easy to use, set up and the support team always reply quickly too. Highly recommend Telleroo to anyone looking to streamline their payroll service that they provide to their clients and create efficiencies.
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