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Leveraging AI, our software streamlines document collection, organization, and verification between clients and accountants. With automated tasks and minimized human error, it boosts efficiency and cost-effectiveness
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Designed specifically for Accounting Agents in the United Kingdom, our app alleviates the time-consuming burden of bookkeeping and document collection. Our AI-powered platform significantly streamlines the financial workflow, making the accounting process not just manageable but highly efficient.

Who Is It For?

This app is tailored for Accounting Agents in the UK, who are often overwhelmed with managing a multitude of SME clients. These professionals frequently find themselves bogged down in tedious tasks such as chasing clients for documents and context, a pain point our app addresses head-on.

Key Features

Automated Document Collection: Our AI technology automatically reaches out to clients to collect essential accounting documents and missing context whenever necessary, freeing up valuable time for Accounting Agents.

AI-Powered Accounting: The app autonomously assists the accounting tasks based on the bank transactions, collected documents, and context.

Continuous Learning: Our AI system continually learns from each transaction, improving its accuracy and reliability over time.

Why It’s Good for Their Business

Time-Saving: Eliminate the hours spent chasing clients for documents and context, as well as on bookkeeping tasks. This saved time can be better utilized for business development or providing additional services.

Accuracy & Reliability: Our AI technology not only performs tasks quickly but also learns to improve its accuracy, thereby increasing your confidence in the automated accounting process.

Backed by Experts: The app is backed by the continual knowledge output and years of practical industry experience from UK-based financial accounting experts, providing an additional layer of credibility and local relevance.

Leverage the power of AI and local expertise to transform your accounting practices, making them faster, more accurate, and fundamentally more efficient. + Xero seamlessly integrates with Xero to offer a streamlined accounting experience for both bookkeepers and business owners. Our platform leverages artificial intelligence to automate numerous accounting tasks, enabling you to focus on your business rather than on mundane paperwork.

Sign-Up/Sign-In and Organization Selection

Users can easily sign up or sign in to through their Xero accounts. Once logged in, they can select the specific organization within their Xero account that they wish to connect to

Dashboard and Organization Management

The dashboard in displays:

All connected organizations Their connection status with options to connect or disconnect A feature to add new organizations from Xero Automated Document Collection and Matching

For each connected Xero organization, reads the unreconciled bank feeds and initiates document collection requests via email to the organization's contacts. Users can upload missing documents directly through a link provided in the email.

Our AI technology then:

Performs OCR to extract information from uploaded documents Matches each document to its corresponding bank feeds line Suggests appropriate categories and tax rates to each line

User Review and Confirmation

Users can do the accounting with the AI's assistance, ensuring that all documents, categories, and tax rates are correctly matched.

Xero API Interaction

Our app securely interacts with Xero's API to access various data:

User Identification: Retrieves Xero user ID, username, and email address for sign-in and user instance creation in

Accounting Data: Pulls essential accounting settings, tax rates, and accounts from Xero for automated bookkeeping.

Contacts and Transactions: Reads and writes contacts, invoices, payments, and bank transactions to and from Xero.

In summary, integration with Xero makes the accounting process hassle-free by automating document collection, matching, and record-keeping tasks. The AI-enhanced workflow significantly boosts efficiency, allowing you to invest your time in more valuable aspects of your business.

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Itemsshared from Xero to and from to Xero
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