We help Amazon and eBay sellers save time and money by automating their bookkeeping. Thousands of Ecommerce Sellers and Accountants choose Link My Books because it just works!

    Link My Books creates a summary invoice for each payout you receive from Amazon or eBay Managed Payments.

    We break down all the sales and fees checking the tax jurisdiction for each transaction and automatically applying the correct tax rates that you choose during setup, meaning your bookkeeping is finally accurate and on auto pilot.

    Link My Books automatically import the complicated Amazon reports and create clean, easy to understand summary invoices in Xero that match the deposits from Amazon to the penny or cent - making reconciliation a breeze.

    Setup takes just minutes and the average user saves at least 6 hours per month over manual data entry when using Link My Books.

    On top of that, for UK sellers the potential to reduce overpaid VAT by getting your bookkeeping in order means Link My Books pays for itself for most users.

    It’s accurate, quick and efficient - plus our support is well renowned as top class! (Just read our reviews!)

    Why not start a free trial and if you have any questions along the way we are here to help you.

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    Link My Books + Xero

    If you're an Amazon or eBay seller or an Ecommerce accountant and you're looking to save time accounting for your sales then Link My Books is for you.

    We integrate directly with Amazon, eBay and Xero meaning each time you receive a payout from Amazon or eBay we process the contents and create a summary invoice ready to send to Xero (in one click).

    We break down all of the sales, fees, VAT etc. into clean, easy to understand categories like:

    Amazon Sales Amazon Refunds Amazon Seller Fees Amazon FBA Fees etc...

    Not only that but we group your sales revenue by tax jurisdiction automatically meaning you no longer need to worry about over paying VAT on your UK and European sales.

    Our setup wizard will guide you through getting connected and choosing your tax rates including both Pre and Post-Brexit tax rates if your selling in the UK.

    Setup takes around 15 minutes and most customers report saving an average of at least 6 hours per month versus doing it manually, plus some even end up saving money through finally getting their VAT returns accurate.

    Once happy with your setup you can save even more time by turning on AutoPost. This means that each time you receive a payout from Amazon or eBay we'll process it, apply your settings and post it across to Xero as an invoice on autopilot.

    All you need to do then is reconcile it against the deposit into your bank by clicking OK on the bank reconciliation page in Xero.

    Imagine if this month you could complete your Amazon and eBay bookkeeping in less than 10 minutes.

    How much time would that save you? How big a headache does that save you from? What can you be doing instead to grow your business with your new found time?

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    Andrew Casal Dominguez

    Great customer service

    Quick response times and comprehensive replies - especially from team member Sharon. Highly recommend LMB!
    Steve Stretton

    Exceptional Product and Service

    I never normally write reviews but this software and team have blown my socks off. The service from the live chat accountants is absolutely 100% spot on. Faultless.
    Rachel Robinson

    Saves so much time

    Link my books is great, saves so much time and is so easy to set up and use. Big thumbs up from me!
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