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Float Cashflow Forecasting
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Julie St John

Just what we needed!

We are a small nonprofit organization and it was difficult initially to find an app that would allow us to keep an eye on our evolving bottom line. I'm happy (it's intuitive and easy to set up) and my Board is happy (no more machinations with Excel). Thank you, Float Team!

Amazing Simplicity

Float has been a great tool for our clients. It's extremely simple to use and easy to keep track of. Our clients love it.
Rob Mackean

Great app for operational cash flows

Float was straightforward to set up and works well for appropriate use cases. You won't get a P & L or a balance sheet but you will get a view of forward cash which can be as granular as you like, down to days if necessary. It's worth spending the time to set it up properly and understand the data that feeds through from Xero. Also note that the more up to date Xero is, the more reliable Float's forecast will be.
Helen Crapper
We've been using Float for over a year now and have found it to be the perfect solution for both ourselves and our clients. Float has replaced countless spreadsheets and saved us an incredible amount of time updating them. It has also given us the added easy point of reference for budget v actual which previously was the missing piece of the puzzle for us. The scenario planning has been priceless during COVID and has enabled us to support clients on a much deeper level. The support is exceptional and the team are always looking for feedback from their partners to help them continually develop the platform to meet the needs of the users. I'd go as far as saying we couldn't have supported our clients in the way we have this year without Float, it has been the centre of everything. Well done guys!
Pete Moore

Brilliant - I have a clearer view of the future.

Life before float was complicated and uncertain. I'd created an Excel spreadsheet and cut and pasted data from Xero so that I could use it in a future-predicting tool. But it was slow, and was always messy. FLOAT SOLVES THIS. I'm not an accountant, but it is still really easy to set up and use. The team has also been really quick at answering questions. For me it is the best app of 2020.
Emma Masson

Easy to use cashflow tool which links well with Xero

I've been using Float for just over a year and have been really impressed - it has thankfully replaced all my cashflow forecasting spreadsheets! All of my clients tech start-up companies on Xero which links really well with Float. Features I have found particularly useful are: - real-time refresh of feed with Xero so I can update Xero then immediately see the impact on Float; - clarity and ease of use - ability to group costs and edit the layout of the forecast; - 'real human' support team who have turned around questions quickly as well as being pleased to take feedback on how to improve the product; and - ability to run multiple scenarios and move budgets around the scenarios. There are things I would like to see improved such as forecasting VAT payments and better output reports but the support team have taken these suggestions on board and I'm optimistic that they will consider them as the product has already improved in the time I've been using it.
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