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Ecologi Zero

By Ecologi
5 out of 5 stars
Ecologi Zero lets small and medium-sized enterprises easily calculate their carbon footprint for free. The app will quickly and simply use your Xero data to gain insights into your emissions, and start your net-zero journey.


Until now, carbon footprinting has taken a team of expensive consultants to calculate a manual snapshot of emissions. This was far beyond the reach of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

That's history. This is now.

This simple and free calculator allows you to visualise your business's emissions and delivers vital, actionable information in near real-time. So you can stop guessing and start taking action.

  • Requires no expertise or experience
  • Connects seamlessly with Xero to calculate emissions from your own business data
  • Shows you the emissions generated by your supply chain (which can account for up to 90% of your business's total emissions)
  • Lets you quickly and easily fund climate solutions as you go, and share your positive impact with customers

Now, SMEs have the tools they need to get started on their net-zero journey. That means zero excuses, zero limits and zero reasons to wait.

We'll demystify your supply chain emissions. The emissions generated by your supply chain can account for 70-90% of your total carbon footprint. Ecologi Zero screens your transactions to reveal where those supply chain emissions are hiding.

We'll reveal your emissions hotspots. Ecologi Zero shows you the big picture on an easy-to-read dashboard, so you can easily identify hotspots and take action to reduce them.

Is Ecologi Zero right for your business? Ecologi Zero has been designed by industry leaders for UK-based small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the services industries.

For now, your business needs to meet these 3 criteria:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (best suited for up to 100 employees)
  • Businesses in the services industries (not suitable for product-based businesses right now, but we hope to support them in the future)
  • Businesses based in the United Kingdom (more countries coming soon)

We're Ecologi (Hi!). Ecologi is on a mission to reduce half of projected global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. To do that, we’re working with businesses to make climate action simple and impactful. By joining Ecologi, you’ll be joining a community of over 19,000 businesses that have already reduced two million tonnes of CO2 and funded the planting of over 67 million trees in reforestation projects around the world.

Every business needs to reduce their emissions to net-zero to keep global warming below 1.5°C, and protect and repair our planet. By joining the Ecologi Zero community you’ll be helping to take the first steps in decarbonising the world's economy.

Start your net-zero journey with Ecologi Zero today.

Ecologi Zero + Xero

Ecologi Zero uses your business expenditure in Xero to calculate your carbon emissions. Connecting your Xero account enables Ecologi Zero to calculate your supply chain emissions, so you can see a more complete picture of your footprint. Your business transactions will be securely imported from Xero and automatically kept up-to-date.

To calculate your supply chain emissions, Ecologi Zero assigns emissions values for each transaction based on industry average emission figures. The industries where your business spends money, and the amount of money you spend with them, will therefore influence the calculated emissions. Ecologi Zero will automatically match transactions to an industry. You can either confirm it, or manually select a different industry if needed.

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Peter Czapp
Posted 29 Nov 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Great way to start the journey to net-zero

Love how easy it was to setup. It’s been really interesting to see how our carbon footprint is made up so we can start reducing it. A brilliant tool.
IAN Hambleton
Posted 29 Nov 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Quick and easy to use

I used Ecologi Zero to footprint my Consulting Business. It was quick and easy to use and seeing my footprint in realtime allows me to look at areas of spend I need to reduce on.
Virgil Ierubino
Posted 25 Nov 2022
5 out of 5 stars

Understand your footprint

Simple and easy way to get a solid idea of your carbon footprint – the first step toward reducing and offsetting

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