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Adsum reduces your finance team's busywork by up to 50% and gives you your VAT refunds 3x faster.


Adsum works with a company’s finance team or accountant to calculate, verify, submit, advance and recover UK taxes and tax refunds. Working with Adsum means businesses can access their HMRC tax credit payments, including VAT refunds, 3x faster.

For Accountants: Adsum puts finance teams and accountants in the driver’s seat by tracking the company’s spending and providing realtime access to its VAT position. Our world-class tech compares all your purchase invoices against HMRC’s VAT checklist to ensure each one meets the criteria for claiming VAT. If there’s an issue, we’ll help you collect the corrected expense receipt.

For Businesses: By verifying and processing your VAT returns in real time, Adsum saves businesses the hassle of having to prepare their tax returns and check each invoice they receive passes HMRC’s scrutiny. As a result, you’ll get your HMRC payments 3x faster and reduce the time your finance team spend on busywork by up to 50%.

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Adsum Works + Xero

Once you’ve connected your Xero account with Adsum’s portal, Adsum automatically starts to calculate and verify your VAT returns. At the end of each week you’ll receive an email summarising your current VAT position and the status of your VAT invoices.

Then, if you’d like us to submit your VAT return for you, just let us know. You can also choose to receive your VAT refund as soon as you submit your return.

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