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Kieran Reeve

Slow and outdated

I tried to use Hubdoc to save time, however, I ended up losing more time due to how slow and unreliable hubdoc is. I hope things change in the future but for now, I wouldn't recommend Hubdoc to anyone.
Benjamin Cebon

Works sometimes but...

I really really want to like Hubdoc... but it just keeps disappointing me. Despite looking and feeling really clunky, It does work reasonably well most of the time, in the reasonably narrow range of things it can do. However, the point of a system like Hubdoc is that you use it as a system, for everything. Unfortunately, Hubdoc cannot handle everything, it can't even handle account credits / credit notes, so I end up using Hubdoc for some things, manual entry and filing for other things, and therefore end up with documents split between systems - in other words a mess! It's just not a well thought out product, and as I've discovered through a long list of support cases, it's no longer being actively developed and improved. I think Xero just bought them as a bolt-on, but it needs to be developed further and improved. I really wanted Hubdoc to work for me, especially as it's included in the cost of Xero, but at this point I'd rather pay more money for something intuitive that actually works consistently.
Jiten Joshi

Document Management Tool

This is Document management tool. So if you are just looking for Receipt to upload... this will be more for you. But if you are looking for Document managment includig bills & receipts, this is perfect for you. Easy to use.
Flynn O'Meara

Needs a bit of thought to be useful

The good: It's included in business editions of Xero (it's probably not worth paying for on its own) It will save you time if used with a very specific type of supplier. The bad: Well covered is the relatively poor UI, MFA incompatibility, and unusable app, but the true thorn is that it's only relevant for a very narrow subset of suppliers. You'll need to deliberately think about what tools to use, Xero don't describe it well. Competing tools within Xero's own banner are Expenses, Xero Inbox, Xero Bills email and bank rules. If your supplier: Emails PDF invoices (so you can forward them, don't rely on taking photos with the app, but you can email photos taken with your usual camera app) Sends you more than a couple of invoices per year (so it's worth the initial admin setup overhead) And provides just one service whose value may change but will always be allocated the same way in Xero (i.e. your mobile plan, Microsoft 365) Then Hubdoc will work pretty well. You'll forward the invoices by email. Then you'll set up the supplier in Hubdoc. This is slow and needs a great deal of attention re GST, line items split (often creates summing errors that you can't get past), and whether it's a draft or ready to pay etc., but should only need to be done once. After that, the next time you forward the emailed invoiced from that supplier you'll get a nice Bill in Xero you can match your bank line to. I always have a few "green" matches in my Xero Bank Rec each month thanks to Hubdoc. Any other kind of supplier would be better dealt with using Xero Expenses or the Bills email, or even Xero Files. Occasional suppliers - it would take about twice as long to set them up in Hubdoc as it would to add a single Bill in Xero Suppliers whose invoice content changes can't be allocated the same way so can't really be automated anyway Supplier accounts that you could log in to - MFA will definitely be applied to those at some point and then Hubdoc won't be able to access the content conveniently It's good if you know exactly where to use it!
james mcilwraith


After emailing an invoice to Hubdoc you get to manually type in all of the invoice details for Hubdoc to upload them into Xero for you... I'm not really sure what the utility of this is.
Sue Rogers


Totally unusable as it stands now..... hoping it does improve in the future.
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