Your all-in-one, cloud-based HR solution in Asia. Automate Payroll, Staff and Leave Management processes. Start saving time and money.

    HReasily is a leading HR Tech company in Asia intent on delivering the best-in-class HR platform. HReasily understands that as businesses grow, human resource management becomes increasingly complex. At HReasily, we focus on the only resource that matters, people, and making every day better for them. We provide solutions that improve the day-to- day running of businesses, by automating business processes such as Payroll, Staff Management, Claims, Leave, Time & Attendance and Rostering/Scheduling. There are currently over 50,000 SMEs on the HReasily platform across Asia.

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    HReasily + Xero

    HReasily has a seamless integration with Xero. How do you benefit?

    -Push payroll information to Xero. Once a payroll is approved in HReasily, it will automatically be pushed into Xero.

    -Map payroll information to specific accounts in Xero.

    -Select if you want to push payroll information across as a bill or a manual journal.

    -These bills or manual journals can be reconciled via Xero’s bank feeds.

    -Save time and manpower, eliminate human error and take advantage of the Xero ecosystem to build a scalable, interconnected business management system on the cloud.

    Optimise your business practice with HReasily + Xero!

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