Save time and money by ensuring your restaurant spending records are now seamlessly exported to Xero. FoodRazor made it easy to integrate with Xero by automatically exporting all the completed invoices to your linked Xero account. As simple as that!

    FoodRazor is an invoice management and food cost intelligence platform built to help restaurateurs run their businesses easily and help accountants become better consultants for their clients.

    We help restaurant operators, caterers and accountants save time and money by eliminating manual, time-consuming operational tasks.

    FoodRazor digitizes invoices by line-item, provides this data in real-time, informs when there's a price increase and consolidates the information in a concise dashboard and reports that are easy to view, analyze, and share.

    We’re the game-changer for your restaurant/catering business.

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    FoodRazor + Xero

    It allows FoodRazor customers to automatically export their invoices to Xero from FoodRazor without needing to use a CSV file.

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    Made by FoodRazor
    Added in 2019


    Australia, Canada, Global, Hong Kong, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States




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