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Create financial art with Scott's add-in. Link Xero general ledger data to your Excel spreadsheet. Refresh your spreadsheet with current Xero data, by simply recalculating your sheet. The add-in supports Tracking Categories, multiple organisations, and consolidations, on the same Excel workbook.

Scott’s add-in for Xero, gives you powerful, new Excel functions that allow you to leverage your Xero general ledger data. With Excel as your canvas, use the add-in to create beautiful financial art. Proformas, Operating Reports, Cash Flow, Tracking Category comparisons, and multi-org consolidations, are just some of what you can do.

Create once, recalc anytime. No more exporting from Xero, importing into Excel. The new Scott’s functions allow you to refresh your formulas with current Xero data, anytime you wish. Here’s a list of the functions:

=SCOTT.DESC Returns the account description for a given account code.

=SCOTT.XGL Returns the sum of all transactions for a user specified date range.

=SCOTT.XRANGE Returns the sum for a range of account codes.

=SCOTT.XTRACK Returns the sum of an account code for a Tracking Category / Option.

=SCOTT.XTRACKR Returns the sum for a range of account codes for a Tracking Category / Option.

=SCOTT. XTRACKM Returns the sum of account transactions that have BOTH Xero Tracking Categories assigned.

As an example, the syntax for =SCOTT.XGL

=SCOTT.XGL (Organisation ID, Account Code, Start Date, End Date)


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Scott's Add-ins + Xero

Scott's add-in for Xero, easily connects your Xero general ledger data to your Excel spreadsheet. You can connect one or multiple Xero organisations to an Excel workbook.

Simply download the add-in from the Microsoft store, connect your spreadsheet to one or more Xero organisations, and you are on your way to creating beautiful financial art.

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Sue Weighell

Just what I needed

I need to produce a financial report that can't be done exactly as required in Xero and so I used to have to type on a TB to Excel. Then there was a change, then another change etc! This add-in has solved my problem. Once I have set up the report linked to Excel, It will save me so much time. Also, thank you Scott. I had a query that Scott helped me with... over Zoom not just a chatbot!
Faye Matthews

Exactly what we needed!

We use the add-in to bring account data into our reports from across multiple entities.Saves so much time and eliminates errors that used to arise when data was changed in Xero. The support has been great too with Scott always getting back to us in a timely manner. Don't know how we managed without it!
Teri Bittner

Brilliant Add-in

We just started using Scott Add-in and it has already reduced the amount of time we dedicate to month-end reporting by two days. We use Scott Add-in to consolidate cash flow reporting on multiple entities in Xero. The Add-in quickly and accurately rolls up all our entities in one Excel spreadsheet. Looking forward to expanding our reporting abilities now that we found Scott's Add -in. We have been evaluating different apps for over 4 years and Scott Add-in is exactly what we needed!
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