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Post from Shopify by Hyve

By Hyve
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Shopify to Xero - Sorted. Integrate and streamline from Shopify e-commerce data into Xero. Automatically post Shopify orders as invoices in Xero and sync payouts, taxes, items, contacts and more!
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Post from Shopify by Hyve is designed to streamline the accounting process between Shopify and Xero for e-commerce merchants and accountants.

Built with the needs of growing online businesses in mind, this app is perfect for Shopify store owners, e-commerce accountants, and bookkeepers looking to simplify financial management and improve efficiency.

Some of the app's key benefits:

Real-time Order Sync

Post orders from Shopify the minute they are generated as invoices in Xero, including refunds.

Invoicing from Xero

By posting individual orders real-time from Shopify, you can use Xero for invoicing and billing, which is especially useful for wholesale B2B orders.

Simplified Reconciliation of Payouts

The app handles payouts from multiple payment gateways in Shopify, eg. Shopify Payments, Paypal, Afterpay, Klarna, POS etc. automatically calculating fees, taxes and posting to the correct bank account, clearing account and fee account.

Post from Shopify by Hyve + Xero

Post from Shopify by Hyve integrates into Xero seamlessly with set up and management all done within your store's Shopify admin page.

Once connected, you can start syncing and posting orders, taxes, fees, etc. from Shopify to Xero.

Orders and Invoices: Post orders individually as new invoices in Xero automatically as orders come through in Shopify, with an option to show customer name on the Shopify order or a custom name for all orders from Shopify.

Reconcile payouts from Shopify Payments, Paypal and other payment gateways: Once payment gateways are set up, the app automatically calculates the relevant fees (both as a percentage of transaction and/or dollar amount per transaction) and posting them to your selected fee account taking into account any taxes. You can also set up clearing accounts as necessary and the app can take care of transfers between clearing and bank accounts.

Inventory and COGS: If you have products set up on Xero, as long as the SKU matches in Shopify as well, the app automatically posts the correct line item with the right Inventory and COGS account set up in Xero.

Refunds: Refunds are handled automatically by the app, with the option of posting refunds to a different revenue account for better tracking of returns and refunds.

Shipping: Ability to post shipping lines into a separate revenue account of your choice.

Gift Cards: Simply set up the relevant gift card liability account, and the app automatically handles purchases of gift cards and purchases using gift cards.

Multi-currency: Ability to handle Shopify orders in other currencies, with the option to post invoices in the currency that the orders are placed in or converted to the home currency based on the exchange rate provided by Shopify Payments.

Multiple Shopify Stores: Seamless connections of multiple Shopify stores into a single Xero account/file, with ability to prefix invoices to identify which Shopify store invoices/orders are generated from.

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Post from Shopify by Hyve
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By Hyve
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