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Custom integration

Whether you’re connecting applications to Xero or building your own, these developers are here to help. Each has experience working with Xero specifically, so they’re ready to assist with any custom integration solutions that could help your business.

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  1. 3Bit Solutions

    Custom software developers. Streamline your business - credit card processing, text messaging, reporting, automated emails, all integrated into Xero.
  2. Ahoy Ahoy

    Time consuming manual processes or data entry? We can help with deep integration between Xero and your systems.
  3. anacubist

    Plenty of Xero API experience. Integrate your system to Xero or we can work with you to write a product. Based in Wellington.
  4. Beyond Expectations

    We recognise the value of having data flow from one system to another. Use our cloud integration service - APICAL which allows business applications to talk to each other.
  5. BitNet Services

    We are strategic design consultants that are experts in digital experience, application development and integration in Data & Insights space.
  6. Coherent

    Bespoke systems and integrations for Xero. Based in the northwest of England. Technology agnostic.
  7. CRT Group

    South African based website, app & software development agency, we can create a bespoke solution to streamline your business using Xero.
  8. DCode

    We don't offer an "off-the-shelf" integration for Xero - rather we work with you to design and develop an integration that suits your requirements.
  9. EndGame

    EndGame is a software agency working with high-growth, globally minded SaaS founders. We provide a full suite of services including strategy, product development, integration and lifecycle.
  10. Expert Solution Technologies

    API experts helping you build custom / integrated solutions with Xero and other mid-market accounting solutions. Worked with many product companies.
  11. Flying Donkey IT

    Brisbane based company that creates Xero integrations to help you fly through your routine accounting tasks and creating reports.
  12. IT Boffins

    IT Boffins are based in Milton Keynes but can assist you anywhere in the world with Xero integrations, Xero migration or custom development.
  13. Larasoft

    Larasoft builds bespoke products to automate and improve processes between Xero & other software systems, including data warehousing & BI dashboards.
  14. Logic Studio

    5 out of 5 stars
    The Logic Studio specialise in creating bespoke software solutions tailored to your organisation's needs, and integrated directly to Xero.
  15. Maze Digital

    5 out of 5 stars
    Time lost never comes back; We've saved hundreds of hours and thousands in cash through our intuitive web-applications & Xero Integrations.
  16. Punch Buggy Digital Agency

    Streamline your business, e-commerce and marketing automation using our custom Xero integrations. Designed and developed specific to your business.
  17. QuickSys

    Specializing in customised Order Management Systems with Phone App ordering for the wholesale industry. Seamlessly Integrates with Xero
  18. Satva Solutions

    We help you to streamline business processes by connecting your systems with xero. We make Custom Xero apps, add-ons and Custom xero integrations.
  19. ScaleupAlly

    ScaleupAlly helps streamline your business operations w/ seamless integration between Xero and a range of essential platforms. From inventory and project management to CRM, e-commerce, & more, ScaleupAlly ensures a cohesive and efficient financial ecosystem tailored to your unique business needs.
  20. Sprechen

    We create bespoke software products, connecting innovators in our community to help change lives. Building custom integrations and connections
  21. Sydney Software Development

    Your Xero integration experts: custom integrations, Xero App Store guidance, training, troubleshooting, consulting. Maximise your Xero investment.
  22. Tonic Works

    Tonic Works have a proven track record for helping businesses integrate their own software platforms with Xero. Get in touch to find out more!
Although Xero reviews each app in the Xero App Store, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.