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Hubdoc is Xero’s data capture tool. Hubdoc and Xero together make bookkeeping seamless – unlocking valuable insights about your business.


Hubdoc reduces data entry by accurately capturing information from bills and receipts and publishing it to Xero; making it easy to match transactions to the Xero bank feed. Hubdoc is included in Xero Starter, Standard and Premium plans (Xero Early, Growing and Established in the US).

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Hubdoc + Xero

Easily get bills and receipts into Xero

With Hubdoc, you can capture bills and receipts using any device including your mobile, email or scanner. Once uploaded, the key information is automatically extracted and ready to publish to Xero with the original bill or receipt attached.

Seamlessly match transactions to your bank feed

Bills and receipts show up in Xero as accurately categorised transactions that are ready to match with your bank feed for an up-to-date view of your financials.

Go paperless

All your bills and receipts are securely stored in the cloud; searchable and easy to access from anywhere in the world.

Hubdoc for Xero Partners

Hubdoc is officially part of the Xero partner program. That means you’ll earn 5 partner points for connecting and actively using Hubdoc with your Xero practice organisation. You’ll also earn 1 point when you connect a client’s Hubdoc organisation with their Xero organisation and actively create transactions between Hubdoc and Xero.

Reviews & ratings

3.8 out of 5 stars
136 Reviews
5 star(64%)
4 star(3%)
3 star(3%)
2 star(5%)
1 star(25%)
Manrico Magozzi
1 out of 5 stars

App is not good

I had problem to sync the app and web version , raised a case with support and they advice me how to do it . Once I managed to make everything work and start using hubdoc I realized that the app is so time consuming/slow to use . I won't use it , I would have save lots of time inputting the invoice/expense myself .Needs to be simplified to help people not to make their life difficult
2 people found this review helpful.
Marie-Claire Maurice-Jones
2 out of 5 stars

A bit crap... but you get what you pay for

I used Receiptbank/Dext for years and switched to Hubdoc when Xero disappointingly increased their fees because they were including Hubdoc. I find it very clunky after Dext was such a breeze... thinking of just paying the extra subscription fees and switching back to Dext. Disappointing considering I have to pay for Hubdoc service regardless.
7 people found this review helpful.
James Glucksman
1 out of 5 stars

One of very few apps that I actively hate

The idea of the app is great--letting you capture receipts on the fly and have them go right into my Xero installation--but the execution is terrible. It randomly logs me out, but only *after* I have captured a receipt, thinking that it was now safely stored in my cloud, meaning I have to go fish it out of the rubbish to recapture it, it also cannot handle it if I snap a photo of a receipt and then close my phone before the app has finished uploading it to the cloud, which means I have to snap it again. Also, why it seems to want to impose a higher level of security on me than Xero itself does, when Hubdoc is vastly less sensitive (at least, to me) than Xero is, is beyond me. Fix this app!
7 people found this review helpful.

Additional info

Shared data

Accountsshared from Xero to Hubdoc
Bank Transactionsshared from Xero to Hubdoc and from Hubdoc to Xero
Contactsshared from Xero to Hubdoc and from Hubdoc to Xero
Credit Notesshared from Xero to Hubdoc and from Hubdoc to Xero
Currenciesshared from Xero to Hubdoc
Invoicesshared from Xero to Hubdoc and from Hubdoc to Xero
Itemsshared from Xero to Hubdoc
Linked Transactionsshared from Hubdoc to Xero
Receiptsshared from Xero to Hubdoc and from Hubdoc to Xero
Tax Ratesshared from Xero to Hubdoc
Tracking Categoriesshared from Xero to Hubdoc
Usersshared from Xero to Hubdoc

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Added in 2014


Australia, Canada, Global, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States




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