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Send your simPRO Timesheets to Xero Payroll instantly with automatic overtime, leave and RDO calculations for accurate, quick and easy payroll.

The simPRO to Xero Payroll integration brings simPRO Timesheets into Xero instantly while calculating overtime rates, penalty rates, transferring leave, removing Breaks and RDOs and allocating the employee’s time to the correct cost codes in Xero.

This is a huge timesaver for your accounts / payroll teams. You can finally pay employees based on the actual job costing information from simPRO. Eliminate manual data entry and mistakes in payroll calculations, set it once and get it right every time.

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SyncEzy + Xero

The integration extracts time from simPRO and processes the time for various Overtime and EBA rules.

The overtime engine then displays the time for a confirmation and final approval before sending the times into Xero and into the pay run as a timesheet.

The user can make any final changes or tweaks in Xero before Approval in Xero and processing payroll.

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Daniel Feller

Time Saving!

Previously it probably took at least 90 mins, but with distractions it usually took over 2 hours. Its not the time savings that is the most benefit though, it’s the mental benefit of not doing repetitive calculations for an hour or so!
Kelly Nicolson

Above and Beyond

SyncEzy developed a custom integration for our company between simPRO, Zoho AND Xero giving us more automation in our business and drastically reducing our costs in processing and admin hours. The entire process we were well informed and the integration went seamlessly with zero downtime. They have enabled us to really step it up in terms of productivity and their constant training and support is impeccable. I highly recommend them
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