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Online timesheets, approvals and invoicing for recruitment agencies. Everything you need to manage contingent staff and get paid faster.

Invoxy is a timesheet and invoicing platform for global recruitment agencies. As the middle office integration hub between your ATS/CRM and your accounting and payroll software, Invoxy binds your tech stack together and gives you revenue, gross margin and commission calculations in real time. Streamline your operations and get paid faster - confident that your payroll and billing are always accurate.

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Invoxy + Xero

Invoices sent from Invoxy create draft accounts receivable invoices in Xero so you can manage your aged debtors and reconcile your accounts in no time. Automatically assign revenue to different account codes or tracking categories and create new Xero contacts from your clients in Invoxy.

Connect to Xero Payroll (Australia only) or your favourite payroll software and send employees, rates and hours through from Invoxy.

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