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By ScaleXP
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Comprehensive B2B financial reporting. Integrate financial and CRM data with automated SaaS metrics, dashboards, and presentations. Automate revenue recognition, deferred income, accrued revenue and prepayments. Instantly report and convert currencies, track multiple budgets and Tracking Codes.
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ScaleXP streamlines accounting processes for finance teams and SaaS businesses. With it, you can connect Xero to your CRM and payment processing system to see paid and issued invoices, tax/discount/product code mapping, standardised FX rates, and any edits. You can also:

Fully automate deferred and accrued revenue recognition. The system contains a series of sophisticated text recognition algorithms which read all words and data on invoices. Revenue recognition is completely automated across quarterly, annual or even weekly invoices.

• Connect to HubSpot, Salesforce, and Pipedrive for full integration with your CRM and customer data.

• Connect Xero to Stripe for your payment processing and invoice reconciliation.

• Automate prepayments and expense recognition.

• Consolidate financials across countries, currencies, geographies, and even accounting systems.

• Track multiple budgets & forecasts across entities and systems.

• Integrate with CRM data to understand when deals have closed and are ready to be invoiced.

• Automated SaaS metrics including ARR, MRR, net dollar retention, gross revenue churn, renewals, and upsells.

Setup and onboarding takes just one hour, and by working with ScaleXP, you’ll ensure your team has accurate up-to-date insights to drive new growth.

The system is designed to provide big company automations and analytical power to SMEs simply and affordably. The system will simplify your month end process, saving you time and making the process easier.

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ScaleXP + Xero

ScaleXP is a certified Xero partner app and 2023 "Xero Staff Pick".

Users can sync data daily or on demand. Revenue and cost recognition schedules are available with a click, providing a full breakdown by customer and invoice. Schedules can be downloaded to excel, a CSV or shared online.

Invoice or bill changes in Xero are detected by ScaleXP and automatically imported. Modifications are easy to track with built-in filters, designed to highlight changes.

Data can be imported across any number of countries or currencies, and financial consolidation is completed in a single click.

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Neil Edwards
Posted 10 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Trailblazing tool with exemplary customer service!

I'm an independent Finance consultant providing support to several SaaS clients, who use ScaleXP predominantly to calculate deferred revenue for any subscription contracts. The tool has proved to be an invaluable way of getting rid of clunky and potentially erroneous spreadsheets, and to focus more time on understanding what the numbers mean rather than generating them. Customer support has been superb too. Firstly, the ScaleXP team takes the time to ensure that customers know how to use the product and can effectively tailor it to their own business model. Secondly, I have been impressed that ScaleXP has taken feedback on potential improvements to the tool, and is willing to share visibility of how those improvements will look in the development sandbox. It is a very collaborative relationship. Finally, in my own explorations around ScaleXP there are many other features especially around SaaS metrics that my clients and I are yet to take advantage of fully, so I am looking forward to seeing how those will streamline month end activities further. In summary, SaaS businesses can’t go too far wrong with ScaleXP.
Fabian Davis
Posted 10 Apr 2024
5 out of 5 stars

A paradigm shift

ScaleXP is perfect for SME’s or start-ups/scale-ups with multi-currency, consolidated reporting, deferred revenue calculations or SaaS metrics to report. Would highly recommend.

Response from ScaleXP

Thank you Fabian!
Aida Greaney-Boles
Posted 7 Feb 2024
5 out of 5 stars

A game changer!

ScaleXP is a game changer - for all companies with multi-currency entities, consolidated reporting, deferred revenue calculations or SaaS metrics to report, ScaleXP handles it all superbly on one platform. The backup of the expert support team is outstanding. Highly recommend!
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By ScaleXP
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