Automate your invoice collection with Direct Debits, eCheck and Credit Card Charges. Use Stripe, SEPA, EziDebit, NetCash, ABA file, NZ banks and more.

    uCollect helps you automate the collection of invoices through pre-authorized credit card and ACH/Direct Debit charges. Get paid automatically, regardless of the amount or frequency of your invoices. Fully integrated with Xero we avoid those annoying synchronization processes and errors. Once you have set up your contact's payment profile in one of our integrated gateways (including Stripe, Forte, ABA file, Windcave, Netcash,, SEPA files and NZ bank file formats) we will automatically initiate collection through the gateway on the due date of the invoice. No need to chase up unless the collection fails (and we handle failures automatically for some gateways). uCollect has saved users hours of time each month and helps ensure that cash keeps flowing in your business.

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    Real-time Invoices and contacts details are read by uCollect. Full integration with Xero's Payment Services feature. When an invoice is marked as paid uCollect send the payment record to Xero to allow for easy reconciliation.

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    Robert krajnyk

    Refunded a trial that I forgot to cancel

    I subscribed for the trial and forgot to cancel my subscription...out of a good will gesture they refunded it for me. The product was not suited to what I wanted and I would probably never need it again however I thought the fact they refunded this to me knowing this shows an element of care and customer focus that alot of companies don't have. Please support this company if you need their service.
    karen bond
    So I have to pay a monthly fee to use uCollect to be able to integrate Ezidebit with Xero as well as paying the fees to use EziDebit? Not much left for my business after paying all these fees.
    Bridget Piper
    Great product, seamless integration and the support is efficient.
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