Intellibook is a simple but powerful tour and event booking solution for travel agents. It includes a seamless and flexible integration for Xero users

    Intellibook is a simple but powerful group travel and event booking solution for travel agents.

    It includes a seamless and flexible integration for Xero users.

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    Intellibook + Xero

    Intellibook allows the seamless flow of customer invoices and supplier invoices across to Xero with flexible configuration for setting the appropriate accounts, tracking categories and tax rates. It can also automatically import any customer payments reconciled within Xero from your bank statement.

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    Matt Hill
    As part of the reservation team at Unleashed Travel, it was quite daunting having to switch to Intellibook from our previous system that we were all comfortable with. Thankfully the transition was very smooth with the assistance of the team at Intellibook but more importantly because of the well designed interface. Even from first implementation, the system was very self explanatory and simple. Since then we have continually added company specific tools that are again implemented in very logical and convenient way making the up take of new features very easy. The system has a lot of automated tools that again make life easy, reducing the need for double steps to complete one task. For instance, when a change is made this data is assimilated into all other necessary sections automatically to have all fields reflecting correct and current data. An example of this is the process of payments processing through Xero directly into Intellibook accounts, removing one more task from our day to day. I believe this system has definitely increase productivity and simplified the training for new team members. I would highly recommend Intellibook.
    Christopher Jones
    Unleashed Travel started using Intellibook in early 2014. Since the creation and implementation of this booking system, the general feed back we have received from our clients is great. One of the main benefits of using Intellibook is the simplicity of the platform for both internal/external users. When creating/loading products, the system also gives you multiple custom fields which allows you to capture/record additional information and data from your clients which is crucial to any company. Another main benefit is you are not restricted by how much you can sell OR how many products you can sell, we currently have multiple different packages for sale, and since the recent release of the 'Add On' function, we can now sell additional products such as day trips etc. (this is not available from the front booking screen though) Also having the ability to plug in additional API's (Xero, Pipedrive, Zoho, Paypal etc) which has increased productivity with our sales teams, improved reporting and also assisted in reconciling large amounts of payments - all to which are great features to get from a system. Downfalls: Reporting: (limitations + capabilities - to combat this I recommend the Zoho integration) Loading products/services: (can be a lengthy procedure but short cuts are in place) System generated emails: at first glance it is easy to use, but once creating they can be a bit frustrating (Document Template system has been created for this, however this also has some limitations regarding formatting) The level of support and service we receive from the Intellibook team is up there with the best. They have great turn around times and 9/10 will have the solution/resolution from first contact. Very personalised service which is highly desirable in any situation. The Intellibook system is extremely powerful and definitely can benefit any travel/event based company (global or domestic). Looking forward to the future developments and watching Intellibook grow.
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