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ezyCollect was co-founded by a Chartered Accountant to improve collection efficiency. AR teams recover cash faster, waste less time and effort, and serve customers with better payment solutions.

Get paid faster and easier with a complete AR platform inbuilt with the prompt payment process you need, the automation control you want, and the easy payment experience your customers demand. ezyCollect is trusted worldwide to manage $1 billion in receivables daily, saving businesses 100s of 1000s of hours each year.

Permanently improve your customers’ payment times as your disciplined process teaches them to pay on or before the due date.

Spend less time chasing overdue invoices by automating due soon and overdue reminders that don’t get ignored. Get straight to your payer with emails and SMS that are smart enough to collect your full payment then and there, and then allocate them in Xero.

Never miss an opportunity to collect more money with Pay Now buttons on your invoices and reminders, B2B Pay Later, and a self-serve credit card checkout for every customer.

Get more done every day...without the hassle. Start the day with a system-generated list of priority collection calls for your AR team to complete. Get updated on which debtors will receive automated communications that day. Scan your debtor database to see every debtor’s low-to-severe credit risk specific to your business.

Send your seriously ageing invoices to the care of a debt collection or legal service with one click. Or click to activate a demand letter service or order a detailed credit check report.

Reinforce your customers' payment behaviour with thank you messages that you can personalise and automate.

Close more payments. Collect more money. Create more time.

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EzyCollect + Xero

ezyCollect elevates your existing debtor data into an insightful AR command centre:

Instant mapping to see total overdues, invoice ageing distribution, debtor tracking.

Every debtor is rated daily for their low-to-severe credit risk to your business.

Activate your communication workflow starting with a ‘due soon’ reminder, up to 6 reminders, a monthly statement and a thank you message.

Edit reminder templates to include your language, branding, email address, Pay Now button.

Optimise templates to automatically include invoice attachments, total overdue, account age.

Select multiple customers for one bulk email.

Automate monthly statements.

Set credit limits and monitor credit usage for every debtor.

Opt debtors in and out of the automated communication workflow as you wish.

Add a PAY NOW button to invoices and emails so customers can pay immediately online.

Add a Pay Later option so customers pay back in instalments and you get paid straight away.

Click to order a demand letter, debt collection service or credit report.

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