Payroll software for Ireland that simply works. Fully online and keeps you compliant with all the relevant legislation, now and in the future.

    SimplePay is online payroll software that simply works. Developed specifically for the Irish market, it keeps you compliant with all the relevant legislation, now and in the future. Suitable for any business size or industry, SimplePay provides a complete payroll solution, from payslips to reports to Revenue submissions and, of course, Xero integration to keep track of payroll expenses. You can also allow your employees to use SimplePay self-service to view their payslips and to request and view their leave days.

    We interact directly with Revenue to automatically load your employees’ tax information and to help you report your payroll in real time under the new PAYE Modernisation system.

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    SimplePay + Xero

    SimplePay's Xero integration allows you to post your payroll data straight to Xero with the click of a button. You have the option to post via journal or bill. You are also able to split your accounting information by cost centers / departments, giving you greater insight into your payroll expenses.

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