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By BatchPay
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Pay as many bills as you'd like in a single batch payment.
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BatchPay is for accounts payable team members that need to pay more than 200 bills in a single batch. All bills in Xero that are awaiting payment can be paid in a single batch using BatchPay. BatchPay exports your payment file (eg. aba file), emails remittances and produces a batch summary report of all transactions paid. All payments are synced back into Xero keeping your creditor ledger live and up to date. A single BatchPay subscription allows for unlimited users per organisation.

BatchPay + Xero

BatchPay integrates with Xero at several points in your accounts payable process flow to make batch payments faster!

With a secure, authenticated Xero login, the following items are sync’d from Xero into BatchPay:

  • Organisations (ONLY the Xero organisations explicitly granted access to BatchPay)
  • Users (ONLY Xero-authenticated users) - 1 subscription allows for unlimited users
  • Invoices (ONLY the invoices that are Xero awaiting payment or part-paid accounts payable bills)
  • Contacts (ONLY the Xero supplier contacts for the sync’d invoices)
  • Accounts (ONLY the accounts for the sync’d Xero supplier contacts – this enables preparation of the payment file for upload to the bank)

On completion of a successful BatchPay batch payment, these items are then sync’d into Xero:

  • Payments (linked to the approved Xero bill, thus removing the trade creditor and creating a bank reconciliation item)
  • History & Notes (a Xero History Note is added to the bill for complete audit trail on how and when the payment was processed

BatchPay does not store ANY data, so once the user logs out of their BatchPay OR Xero session, users can rest assured their Xero data retains integrity & accuracy by removing the data link with BatchPay.

No Xero API throttling limits are reached during login so users can logon and off as required.

Reviews & ratings

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Most recent reviews

Vicki Valja
Posted 20 Feb 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Batch Pay/ Xero

Very easy to grasp for first time users. The batch report is exactly what we were after.
Stefanie Tan
Posted 27 Nov 2023
5 out of 5 stars
Thank you BatchPay for allowing us to make payment using aba file. Xero Global doesnt allow us to use aba file, hence making payment has been a bit of a hassle since we have to do it one by one manually. The team from BatchPay has been helping us with the aba system and we can now generate an aba file to be uploaded to our bank. Thanks BatchPay Team for helping us with this. Appreciate it.
Rachel Kerr
Posted 27 Sep 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Adds so much functionality to Xero

We process many thousands of payables each month, and have gotten to a point where we're stretching Xero's limits so much that we're starting to experience regular failures when producing batch payments. We also regularly need to pay more than 200 bills at a time. We discovered BatchPay when it had just released, and the functionality we needed it to have to meet our needs just wasn't there. However, in an incredibly short amount of time, the team at BatchPay implemented all of our requests and suggestions and turned it into a seriously useful piece of kit. It was such a new experience to work with a team who was so responsive, so efficient, and so willing to implement the things we asked for. Now we can produce batch files and remittances including more than 200 invoices, and not only that, it's so quick to do so and no more Xero errors to contend with. It saves us so much time, and our suppliers appreciate receiving just one remittance denoting every invoice (and credit note) included in the payment. Can not recommend BatchPay highly enough.
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By BatchPay
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