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5 out of 5 stars
Digital marketing software. Start with a content-rich website; grow your customer database; communicate with email, SMS and social. Then sell online.


Oncord combines a suite of powerful marketing tools in a single online platform. With Oncord you can manage your website, review site traffic and performance, run a blog, post to social media and launch marketing campaigns.

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Oncord + Xero

Oncord’s integration with Xero allows contact and sales data to sync across both platforms. Information is kept up to date in both systems at all times with live two-way syncing.

The benefit of having your marketing engine synchronised with your accounting software is that all of your marketing messages can be tailored and targeted based on customer types and purchase history. For example, you can target an email campaign to customers who have bought a certain product or use a specific service.

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Cassandra Scott
5 out of 5 stars
Very intuitive, and support has been great... Loving the ease of use and the logic behind everything - very intuitive, and support has been great.
Xero API
0 out of 5 stars
Please be aware that Synergy 8 has been renamed to Oncord. https://www.oncord.com/resources/blog/rebrand/
Marius Higgs
5 out of 5 stars
So you have a developer that you pay to design and to make changes to your website, then you have a seperate CRM system, a separate email marketing system, a separate events management system, a social media posting system and a separate ecommerce systems to manage sales online? NOT ANYMORE with Synergy8 it is all in one all the features and it integrates with Xero with a 2 way sync. This is by far the best system we came across to run your website and digital marketing effectively!!
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