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Modern manufacturing & inventory software for small & scaling businesses. Visual interface and real-time master planning to automate workflows, prioritize orders, track inventory in real-time, and access floor-level control app. Wide variety of native and third-party integrations, and an open API.

Katana is a modern manufacturing & inventory management software for small and scaling businesses. Its visual interface and smart real-time master planning allow manufacturers to get an overview of the entire business from one centralized point of truth. Katana integrates popular eCommerce and accounting service providers such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Xero, and QuickBooks to name a few. Katana has an open API should the user want to build their own integrations.

With Katana, you can prioritize orders, see the availability of raw materials & finished goods in real-time, and ensure end-to-end traceability of materials and products. Katana automatically follows the stock movements across the production cycle and in multiple warehouses allowing you to maintain optimal inventory levels.

Build BOMs and track material availability for make to order workflows or fulfill the order from available product stock. Easily create, set-up, and remove shop floor operators and receive real-time manufacturing insights from the floor-level app, and track manufacturing costs based on product recipes and production operations.

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Katana + Xero

When Xero is connected with Katana, you can create invoices and bills, which will automatically update your Xero account. Click the created invoice or bill in Katana to open the document in Xero.

Besides our native integration that allows you to push sales orders from Katana to Xero, you can also set up an automatic sales order import from Xero to Katana via Zapier.

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Tessa Lyes

Everything we need

As a small manufacturing business who also sells B2B and via ecommerce, Katana is a dream to help manage all elements of our inventory efficiently. The exceptional customer service means dealing with any questions/issues is easy.
Jared Hansen

The MRP system I wish I'd always had

Katana's awesome, full stop. I've been working with manufacturing businesses for years, and for years I've lamented Xero's relatively weak inventory management system. Two years ago I tried literally every MRP app I could find to plugin to Xero; they were all pretty bad. Along comes Katana, which maybe was around earlier but was "new to me" just this year, and ... wow. Mostly, it Just Works. The Xero integration works seamlessly for bills and sales orders, which speeds AP/AR quite a bit. 90% of the tool's value is outside of Xero though, and I now have a permanently-pinned Katana tab in my browser for tracking everything in the production flow from raw materials purchasing, to production, to sale, to reconciliation of remaining materials and product stock. It's great. Is it perfect? Not quite. They need to do some performance work, as load times are often a little sluggish. Also, it would be nice to see finer-grained automation, and better contact syncing. But overall, I'm delighted.
Nick Liew

Really useful tool to track stock for manufacturers

Extremely useful for those with raw materials -> manufacturing -> finished goods -> COGS This process can be very tedious and Katana has saved days of work each month.
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