Shopify integration by Xero

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    This integration connects your Shopify store to your Xero account - for easier management of your ecommerce business finances.


    Connect your Xero and Shopify accounts to reduce manual admin and make managing your ecommerce finances easier than ever.

    This integration syncs your Shopify sales transactions to Xero automatically for easy payment reconciliation. With your sales data automatically updated in Xero, you get an accurate view of cash flow and business performance wherever you are.

    Choose your automatic sync settings to suit your Shopify settings and align with your business needs.

    Benefits of connecting Xero and Shopify

    • Automate finance admin - daily Shopify sales orders for each of your payment gateways are summarised and automatically sent to Xero for easy reconciliation

    • Faster, more accurate data - reduce manual data entry and get visibility over Shopify payments and PayPal transaction fees

    • Easily track cashflow in one place - Xero’s cash flow and insights tools help you get a complete picture of business performance for more informed decisions.

    To use this integration, you will need a Shopify account and a Xero account.

    It's free to connect your Xero and Shopify accounts.

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    Shopify integration by Xero
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    Shopify integration by Xero + Xero

    When you integrate Shopify with Xero, the time taken to manually move data between your business apps is significantly reduced. Automatically syncing a summary of your daily sales orders and payments to Xero, the integration also helps you reconcile your actual payouts to give you visibility over fees, and other costs or discounts.

    What the Xero and Shopify integration does:

    • Syncs your Shopify sales transactions to Xero automatically, including the option to import your previous 90 days worth of transactions (for users on a standard or premium Xero plan).
    • Allows you to control which of your payment gateways invoices are generated for to suit your needs.
    • Creates a daily summary invoice per payment gateway, without having to enter data manually.
    • Clearly breaks down invoices into sales/discounts/shipping/refunds/gift cards/fees.
    • Gives you the option to have these invoices paid into a clearing account, while you’re awaiting payment from Shopify payments or PayPal.
    • Allows you to add bank account details for reconciliation of Shopify payments and PayPal.

    What the Xero and Shopify integration doesn’t do:

    • Creates invoices for each Shopify sales transaction.
    • Supports different rates of sales tax.
    • Manages inventory and Cost of Goods Sold.
    • Supports connecting multiple Shopify stores to your Xero account.
    • Currency conversion. The currency of your Shopify store must match your Xero account.
    • Support automatic filing of taxes in multiple tax jurisdictions.
    • Imports customer details

    For more specialised apps that solve these problems, we recommend checking out the Xero App Store.

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    Nathan Le-Moine

    Continues to bill me after cancelling

    Stay away from this app. Once downloaded, you quickly realise it is useless. You then delete the app and then they continue to bill you - without any obvious way to cancel these payments.

    Response from Shopify integration by Xero

    Hey Nathan, Sorry to hear about your experience - we’d like to put this right for you. Our dedicated customer support team will be in touch shortly to cancel your subscription and process a full refund. We’re working hard to make sure our integration works beautifully for all our customers and we take your feedback seriously.The team is currently working on a free trial, which will help businesses see whether the integration is a good fit without having to pay up front. If you have any additional feedback for our Product team, please let us know when we email you. We hope you find the right solution for your business. Thanks, Xero App Store Team
    Scott Clark

    Worst App Ever

    worst app ever, zero support, and i cant even contact them to cancel the direct debit they take out monthly, just get the old handball....avoid at all costs!

    Response from Shopify integration by Xero

    Hi Scott, We're sorry to read about your experience. We’re working hard to make sure our integration works beautifully for all our customers and we take your feedback seriously We encourage you to touch base with our dedicated customer support team who will be happy to help you with this. You can reach them by logging a ticket at Thanks, Xero App Store Team
    John Toon

    Waste of money - look elsewhere

    When this integration was announced I was quite excited about the possibilities but put simply don't bother. First there's no free trial to see if this works in the way you expect it to - it doesn't. Second having been forced to sign up and pay this integration only brings in high level aggregated data with no detailed transactions (that's good for minimising Xero volume limits) which when you compare to competitor pricing that provide both detail and aggregation isn't value for money. The worst feature is that if you don't get the mappings correct from the start things like VAT will accumulate on a seperate withholding tax line and won't appear on your VAT return with no warning (other than an ask your accountant it's complicated) that this is an issue.

    Response from Shopify integration by Xero

    Hi John, We’re sorry to read this review. Right now we’re working hard to make sure our integration works beautifully for all our customers and we take your feedback seriously. We’ve passed this feedback along to our Product teams for further consideration and we are currently working on a few things in the background that will address some of your feedback. In the meantime, would you be open to a chat with our team so we can dig a little into your experience and expectations? This would really help us shape the evolution of the integration. If so, we’d appreciate it if you could reach out and log a ticket with our dedicated customer support team mentioning this conversation: Thank you in advance, Xero App Store Team
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