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Payment Evolution

By Payment Evolution
3.53 out of 5 stars
Canadian Payroll - A complete online payroll solution with Xero integration. Simple, fast, accurate and includes an employee portal with time tracking, automatic T4s and ROEs.
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December 2011
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Time tracking
Payroll HR


PaymentEvolution is Canada's most loved provider offering payroll, benefits and payments to thousands of businesses. The quick and easy setup and integration allows you to run payroll and/or pay your vendors directly with automatic reconciliation between the two programs.

Payment Evolution
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Payment Evolution + Xero

Once PaymentEvolution and Xero are connected, the programs automatically reconcile. If you are running payroll, the GL is is pushed from PaymentEvolution onto Xero. If you are paying a vendor, the payment is automatically reconciled with your Xero account as a paid bill.

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3.5 out of 5 stars
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Jolanda Slagmolen-Flores
Posted 6 Mar 2024
3 out of 5 stars

Pay more if you want less

I used this platform for a number of years and was happy with it but they have recently changed their plans and it is now mandatory that they make payroll remittances to CRA on your behalf. For various reasons we do not want to pass this on to a third party and I was told that if I want to make my own remittances then I will need to pay more than double.
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Annie Laurie
Posted 19 Jun 2023
1 out of 5 stars

Slow, Glitchy and Terrible Customer Service

Extremely slow and glitchy program with every click, and you have to click a lot. There have been promises of updates and improved speeds but the program honestly feels slower and unnecessarily more complicated to run payroll as time goes by. Click in to change this, back button, click in the change another item, back button... Support is canned and unhelpful. Two thumbs down.
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Donald Desroches
Posted 14 Feb 2023
3 out of 5 stars

It works but...

I've used this payroll solution for just over a year. I like the integration with Xero however it's not perfect. The numbers are correct however one of the fields needs to be removed prior to finalizing the payment in Xero. I also don't like how much later things take with automatic deposits therefore I use it mainly as a glorified payroll calculator then I can copy and paste the net pay to a cheque or etransfer or whatever payment method you choose to use. There is no way to generate PD7A's either. If there is, I haven't figured it out. Out of a year, the system was only down for one pay period. Frustrating but seems like a good track record. Payevo isn't cheap however they're banking on getting clients to pay monthly instead of yearly and putting lots of their eggs into the online payment for both employees and to the CRA. Personally, if there wasn't a significant delay, I may use it however I could care less about it unless I had 5+ employees.
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By Payment Evolution
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