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Automated bookkeeping entries, and smart document management using AI - the more you use DOKKA, the more it will understand your requirements.
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DOKKA is for bookkeepers & accountants - both internal and outsourced, as well as business owners. DOKKA will save you time and hassle by automating many of the tasks you spend time on, such as creating the bookkeeping entries, managing your financial documentation, and resolving issues between bookkeeper/s & operational staff. Dokka is built on AI, so the more you show it what you want, the more it will do it automatically going forward. Upload a document, and within seconds, it will create the bookkeeping entry, and index the document so you can find it instantly when you need it in the future.

DOKKA + Xero

DOKKA has full integration with Xero, syncing both downwards and upwards. When you first connect, all your vendors / suppliers, General Ledger codes and more will be downloaded into DOKKA, so we'll instantly recognise them when you next upload a document from the vendor. And when you receive a new vendor? No problem! Create in DOKKA, and it will instantly upload it into DOKKA. But most powerful is push a document into DOKKA, approve the bookkeeping entry instantly created, and watch how both the bookkeeping entry and a copy of the document immediately appears in Xero.

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Malcolm Strachan
Posted 8 Jul 2019
We have been using Dokka for a couple of months now. The A.I. engine is very fast and accurate (although not perfect yet). Dokka has enabled even myself, a non-bookkeeper, to be very productive in our practice, as it enables me to drag and drop information into the appropriate boxes, check that the Dokka pre-filled info is correct, and post the entry to Xero. It has been a game changer for us. Maybe the greatest thing about the software is that it is continually improving. They launch new features all the time. Much better than the competition at the moment, and cheaper.
Ignus Kempen
Posted 2 May 2019
5 out of 5 stars
I have been using Dokka for a few weeks. I am impressed with the speed with which invoices and slips can be added to Xero. The team at Dokka is very helpful and always quick to assist if I have any queries.

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