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Want to make batch payments and pay runs quicker and cheaper? Send payments automatically from Xero® to the Tyro® App and approve in one touch - no more ABA files!

The Tyro App is built for Australian businesses within the hospitality, retail, health and professional services industries. This award-winning app allows businesses to simplify their business banking and manage their finances anywhere, anytime. Businesses can view their EFTPOS takings, pay bills, organise payroll, make transactions (from their Tyro Bank Account) and even accept a business loan offer (for eligible merchants). More specifically, the Tyro App:

  • Allows businesses to track their EFTPOS transactions at all their locations, allowing deeper insights into real-time sales performance
  • Provides businesses just-in-time reminders if their account is running low on funds for upcoming bill payments
  • Notifies businesses if a new payee is included in a batch before they approve they payment
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Tyro + Xero

Tyro integrates seamlessly with Xero, supporting Xero payroll and Xero batch payments integrations. With Tyro’s Xero integration you can:

  • Get seamless reconciliation with Tyro Bank Account transactions feeding straight back into Xero
  • Schedule multiple bills with batch payments in Xero without ABA uploads
  • Pay using BPAY and bank transfers and approve in just a touch
  • Complete your payroll in a few minutes with no more ABA files
  • Post pay runs directly from Xero and approve them using the Tyro App
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