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Improve operational efficiency with your field-based team. Kynection can offer ONE SYSTEM to manage your business - wherever they are located.

KIM is designed to help organisations with field-based teams achieve optimal operational efficiency. Many organisations still use paper or multiple apps to manage data flowing throughout their business and Kynection can offer "ONE SYSTEM" that is integrated to Xero. KIM is a mobile application that can let businesses manage their workforce from their mobile phones – whenever and wherever they are located - and put customised workflows and procedures in place that can be used to standardise working practices and focus on operational efficiency. Kynection recognises that every business is different and is experienced at offering customised solutions to meet your needs.

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KIM + Xero

Once the integration is setup, invoices can automatically flow between KIM and Xero (both ways) and once the timesheets are approved on KIM, then the hours (and award rates) are automatically sent to Xero so payroll can be processed seamlessly.

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