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Automate invoice chasing and streamline your accounts receivable process. Get paid faster. Reduce days sales outstanding. Maintain great customer relationships. Xero App Partner of the Year 2016 & App Partner of the Month August 2019. Three-time Cloud App of the Year winner (2017-2019, AWEB Awards)
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Chaser is Xero’s leading accounts receivable app, designed for businesses selling on payment terms. Chaser users:

  • Get invoices paid 16+ days sooner
  • Save 15+ hours per week on accounts receivable tasks
  • Reduce days sales outstanding by 25%+
  • Maintain great customer relationships

Why connect Chaser and Xero

  • Automate without losing the human touch

    • Ensure customers never know you’re using an automated system, with chasers sent from your usual email address, with your regular email signature and branding
  • Increase your chances of getting paid with SMS chasing alongside emails

    • Match your business’ communication style with customisable email and SMS reminder templates
  • Personalise every reminder automatically with data such as customer names, amount owed and due dates

  • Make it easier for customers to pay

    • Give all your customers access to a dedicated Payment Portal, with automatic reconciliation in Xero
    • Offer multiple payment options to suit your customers’ needs in one location
    • Reduce time on payment admin, as all documentation and details are available to customers in their portal
  • Optimise your accounts receivable process

    • Build great customer relationships, with automated ‘thank you’ messages on payment receipts
    • Make informed decisions on which customers to continue granting credit to, with credit checking and risk reports
    • Avoid bombarding customers, by automatically grouping multiple invoices into a single reminder
    • Identify areas for improvement with real-time reports on AR performance
    • Escalate problem invoices easily to Chaser’s friendly and experienced in-house collections team
  • Reduce late payments with SMS invoice payment reminders

    • Get paid faster by reaching customers on the go with personalised, automatic payment reminders via text
  • Let customers make payments instantly via their SMS message, linking to their Payment Portal

  • Schedule payment reminders at the best time

    • Create unlimited custom schedules that suit your different groups of customers, such as good payers, bad payers, long-term clients
    • Schedule as many payment reminders as required, at intervals you choose
    • Select the best days and times to send reminders, automatically avoid reminders outside working hours and days
  • Track all chasing activity in one place

    • View a consolidated comms history for every invoice and every customer
    • Capture all reminders sent and all replies from customers automatically
    • Reconcile with Xero automatically, so you never chase a paid invoice
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Chaser + Xero

Chaser connects and syncs with the data in your Xero account in just 2-minutes. We securely import the following data from Xero automatically: your company information, customers, invoices, credit notes, payments, overpayments.

Your Chaser account syncs with Xero automatically: every hour, before any payment reminder is sent, and on-demand to ensure you're always working with the most up-to-date information.

Keep both systems up to date, automatically: the two-way integration between Xero and Chaser means updates made in Chaser are reflected in your Xero account, too.

Reviews & ratings

5.0 out of 5 stars
374 Reviews

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Most recent reviews

Stella Gonzalez
Posted 11 Dec 2023
4 out of 5 stars
A very useful tool and the team are very helpful.
Jennifer Lee
Posted 7 Dec 2023
5 out of 5 stars

This is precisely what we required for handling our debt!

We've been utilizing Chaser for more than a year, and it has proven to be an excellent tool for debt management. The software facilitates sending reminders on a predetermined schedule, and the ability to track emails by customer within Chaser enables direct and efficient responses, contributing significantly to cost and time savings. The Chaser team consistently provides outstanding support, boasting a service desk that is both responsive and helpful. The technical expertise of the team has greatly assisted our business in comprehending and implementing the necessary solutions. Special thanks to Krissie, Oliver, and Joey – a truly wonderful team. We highly recommend Chaser for any business in need of effective debt management software. Highly recommend this App!! Thank you.
Alex Irving
Posted 12 Mar 2023
5 out of 5 stars

Works great

This has masXero allows you to send automated reminders but this does work a lot better. It allows you to send reminders of upcoming payments (we use 7 days before) and then send a sequence of emails after the balance is due where needed. There is a powerful scheduling feature that's worth paying for as it automatically sends reminders at set times of the day/days of the week. Worth every penny.

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