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Pinch Payments

By Pinch Payments
4.75 out of 5 stars
Pinch Payments is one of the highest rated payments app on the Xero App Store. Over 3000 businesses have now used Pinch to eliminate late payments for good.
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Pinch Payments is one of the highest rated payments app on the Xero App Store. Over 3000 businesses have now used Pinch to eliminate late payments for good.

Our customers vary but we are the perfect solution for food and beverage wholesalers, B2B recurring service businesses like accountants or digital marketing agencies, recurring home service businesses and essential family service providers like community meals delivery services, children's education providers and local membership organisations. Pinch is the perfect payments platform for any businesses that invoice customers regularly and find themselves having to chase them down to get their payments.

What Pinch can do?

Accept one time credit card payments on invoices, and easily set up direct debits agreements.

Collect payments automatically on any invoice in Xero with our Pre-Approvals feature. Your customer can nominate their bank account, or use their credit card. Hundreds of businesses have made the switch to Pre-Approvals and get 100% of their invoices paid on time.

Offer your customers payment plans - breakdown larger invoices into smaller payments and easily turn consistent late payers into good ones.

Offer your customers their own secure portal to make payments to you, and any other suppliers they have that use Pinch.

Enable the Pinch Plus browser extension to use Pinch without leaving Xero.

Our helpful Australian based support team will work tirelessly to take care of you and your payments. We work seamlessly with your accountant or bookkeeper to set up Pinch the way that works best for you. Don't have one? We can work with you directly, or find one for you.

Are you more technical? Use our Payments API to enable our features in your own software platform. Our tech team has worked for some of the world's largest payment companies, and our approach to tech partnership is full collaboration. If you need a more integrated and technical solution we’ve got you covered.

Pinch Payments
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Pinch Payments + Xero

There’s a reason that Pinch is one of the highest rated payments and invoicing app on the Xero App Store.

When you add Pinch Payments to Xero; invoicing and collecting payment goes from a mind numbing admin task to set and forget. Whether it's just one painful part that's the problem, or you want your entire accounts receivables process automated from end to end, Pinch can assist.

Connecting Pinch with Xero is easy. Simply create a free account on the Pinch website and follow the prompts to plug it into Xero. From there upload business verification information for approval and in as little as 24 hours you can be up and running.

When you set up your Pinch account it automatically syncs your Xero contact list, no manual data migrations necessary.

Some of our Xero specific features include:

Adding a payment link to your Xero invoices to allow your customers to pay for services with a credit or debit card instead of having to log into their online banking and transfer you cash.

Or better yet ...

Auto-sending invoice alerts via email from Pinch when marked as approved in Xero. This is great if you use a separate job tracking system that copies invoices to Xero such as a time tracking system, job management platform or project management system. Our tech support, pool maintenance and home services customers absolutely love this feature as it unlocks the ability to automatically invoice when doing time and materials billing.

From there you can easily send direct debit requests to any of your existing customers that are a bit tardy with payment and get them to pre-approve you for auto payment on your routine invoices. You can even set authorisation limits, so if you have customers that do repeat small jobs but also have larger invoices, you can automatically collect the smaller ones, without shocking them by taking the larger ones.

By using the above two features in tandem, you can make collecting payments on the vast majority of your invoices automatic.

Last but definitely not least; gone is the need to do manual reconciliation because Pinch does it for you!

Every payment we process gets automatically reconciled with the corresponding Xero invoices. Yet another routine accounts admin step gone. This cleaner more consistent file will make you your accountant's favourite client.

Pinch can also be used to automatically collect invoices from systems like Paidnice, ServiceM8, Simpro, Pooltrackr, Bufferzone, Timely, Upstock, Cin7 Core, Unleashed Inventory, WorkGuru, Cybake and more. If system you use pushes invoices into Xero, we can automatically take the payment.

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4.8 out of 5 stars
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Most recent reviews

Leanne Schomacker
Posted 25 Jun 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Great Payment Service

I switched to Pinch from another service when they put up the fees. I particularly like being able to use either a credit card or bank account. It is really easy to set up and syncs seamlessly with Xero.
Robyn Drew
Posted 20 Jun 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Keeping on top of cash flow

I am please that I discovered Pinch for my payment system. The support is great and setting clients up is so easy.
Teresa Sheehan
Posted 20 Jun 2024
5 out of 5 stars

Getting paid and winning

We started with the Pinch payment system in June 2022 and have not looked back. We now get paid faster and it is so much easier for our clients to pay via the Pinch payment option on our invoices and it means they often pay us either on the due date or the day the invoice is sent out... either way we get paid faster and this is good news for our business and cashflow.

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