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Payment Logic

Pay any valid business expense using your Amex card, even if that supplier doesn’t accept credit cards. Pay smarter, earn points, improve cashflow!

Pay Smarter - make your accounts payable work for you!

Save Time & Money - process hundreds of invoices in seconds, without having to make phone calls or visit separate websites to pay via credit card.

Improve Security - Securely delegate access to your card(s) without using your full card number. Payment Logic is PCI compliant and uses card tokenisation and multi-factor authorisation.

Improve Cash Flow - Take advantage of existing credit card facilities for up to 55 days interest free period.

Earn More Reward Points - Earn full reward points for all government payments, supplier invoices, contractors, superannuation, rent and other expenses.

Ease of Use - Our simple, intuitive platform is available 24x7 allowing you to make payments at any time you choose. Use Payment Logic on any platform and any device.

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Payment Logic + Xero

Payment Logic integrates seamlessly with Xero to make your accounts payable work for you!

Our integration synchronises Xero contacts with payees in our platform, and also and imports all Bills awaiting payment. Authorising payments is easy, just select which Bills you want paid, and authorise by entering the SMS sent to your mobile phone.

After your card is charged, payments are automatically applied to your Xero Bills which moves those bills Paid. Our processing fees are also automatically added back into your Xero account as a Paid Bill. Our integration supports automatic reconciliation once Xero imports your card statement feed.

Although Xero reviews each app in our App Marketplace, we can’t give any guarantees. It’s up to you to assess the performance, quality and suitability of any app before going ahead.